For sure, there are times that you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila , and most often than not, Tagaytay is the first place that one can think about. Why not? Tagaytay is no hassle especially if time and location is a constraint. Only 55 km (34 mi) away from Manila via Aguinaldo Highway, it is the country’s most popular tourist destinations; may it be just for the roadtrip itself or for the craving of a mmm.. hot and yummy Bulalo. Due to its high altitude (688 meters above sea level), the city is blessed with a very crisp and cool climate. Actually, it is being considered now as the 2nd Summer Capital of the Philippines.


The Panoramic View of Taal Volcano (located in Batangas). Taal Volcano is the smallest volcano in the world.

A lot of restos are built around the Taal Lake; but if you would really like to have a close encounter and feel the unruffled serenity of the lake, you can rent a boat. (One sign that you’re already in Tagaytay City is when you start seeing guys with ‘plakards’ or sign boards that say ‘Boat Ride’, ‘Boat for Rent’, ‘Boat Trip’) Last time I checked, boat trips are for 1,500. Of course, you can haggle, maybe it can be down for about a hundred to 300.00 depending how you mastered your skills in haggling. I was not able to try the boating though…. not yet.


  • Starbucks
  • Teriyaki Boy
  • Sonya’s Garden

For those people who are not that ready to stay overnight, no problemo, there’s a lot of convenience store on the way. So just grab a toothbrush and that’s it! 😀


  • Boutique Bed and Breakfast

This hotel is perfectly conceptualized for weekend getaways, travel adventures, and passion for food and culture. Trademark of Boutique that you would never find in somewhere else is that each room here is inspired by an emotion: ‘I Lust’, ‘I dare’, ‘I desire’, ‘I dream’, ‘I surrender’, ‘I love’, and ‘I escape’. Quite exciting right!

A minimum deposit of Php 2,500 is required to confirm booking.

Boutique Bed and Breakfast is located at 45 Aguinaldo highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City//Contact numbers: 046-4131885 or +639273632660

  • Katrina’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

The lodging is quite good for a price of 999.00 for an overnight stay. The room is big and it wouldn’t matter if how many people will stay. A bucket of San Mig is affordable, 199.00 w/ free pizza, but dont ever order a pizza here, it tastes like a carton with ketchup on it. Katrina’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is located at Brgy. Kaybagal South, Aguinaldo Highway,Tagaytay City/Contact Nos. (046) 413-1942.

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