Discovering Cagbalete Island
Discovering Cagbalete Island

Discovering Cagbalete Island

When we were trying to locate Balesin in Google Earth, we accidentally spotted this island called Cagbalete. Enthralled by the untouched beauty of an undiscovered paradise, we decided to pack for our new destination.

Cagbalete after the storm…

This hammock in Villa Cleofas is superb! Relaxing! Whoo! This is Life!

(suggested departure from Manila is 3am)

  1. From Buendia, you can take JAM or JAC Liner to go to Lucena (around 3-4 hrs trip). Fare is P209.00 each.
  2. Once you’re there in Lucena Grand Terminal, you can take the ordinary bus to Mauban via Mainit, which is a one-and-a-half-hr-trip. Fare is P50.00 each.
  3. From Mauban Station, get a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to Pantalan Port, to be more specific, you can tell them to bring you to the port to Cagbalete (since there are 2 ports in Mauban). Standard rate of tricycle ride is P9.00 each.
  4. At Pantalan Port, look for the ferry boats to Cagbalete. I highly recommend for you to take the big ferry boats Anthony or Neneng. It will be a 45mins-1 hr boat ride depending on the weather. Fare is P40.00 each.
  5. Once you’re there in Cagbalete (Sabang Port), for you to get to the resorts, you have to walk/trek for about 10-20mins. It is for free but you can also ask some of the kids playing at the port to bring you there. No minimum fee but it would not hurt to give those kids some penny to at least buy themselves a coke ayt? The kids are nice anyways, they would even help you bring your things. Or, if you like, you also have the option to rent a boat to bring you either to Villa Cleofas or MVT Sto. Nino Resort. Boat Rental Fee is P400.00.


Public Ferry Schedule
Mauban Port to Cagbalete
1st trip 10-11am
2nd trip 3pm

Cagbalete to Mauban Port
1st trip 7:30am
2nd trip 1pm

Private Boat
10pax – P2500.00
20pax – P4000.00
50pax – P7000.00



complete menu in Pansacola Resort


  • Pine Trees
  • River Meets the Sea
  • Bonsai Island
  • Low Tide


VillaCleofas Resort

  • Horseback Riding P100.00/30mins
  • Fishing Tour P200.00
  • Snorkeling/Diving P100-P150/pax
  • Boating P50.00/hr
  • Videoke P100.00/hr
  • Island Hopping
  • Skimboarding

Pansacola Resort (Generated Lights from 6:00-10:00pm)

  • Bonfire Free

Beware of the Pitik-Pitik. Cagbalete has been known for this modus operandi. That some locals put something on the tip of their fingernails and put those either in the water that you drink, food that you eat, or sometimes on the kitchen utensils that you borrow. I’m not that sure what’s that ‘thing’ they use but some concerned locals say that this makes the tourists go back to Cagbalete, this time not to explore the island but to seek for a healer. They say it’s another raket. So just to make sure, bring your own water. As much as possible don’t just accept food or water. You can buy your water at the Mauban City before you ride the boat.


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    Hi Mistify Backpacker,Sorry but i dont have a contact for a private boat to Cagbalete Island. You can just go to Mauban Port, they'll help you with that definitely.

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