Pizza Volante
Pizza Volante

Pizza Volante

Pizza Volante is a 24-hour pizza parlor along the busy streets of Session Road in Baguio City. It has a fine selection of Pizza and Pasta at a very affordable price!!

There’s a lot of people during the usual dining hours but still can give a decent ambiance to diners. When we got there around 7pm, the ground floor is mostly occupied by couples, groups of 2 or 3, and families. The second floor is occupied I think by teens and call center agents – there’s a loud music there too. So if you prefer a quiet quality time with your most-awaited Volante Pizza, get a seat at the ground floor.

at the Ground Floor

Eating time!!!!!!!

I want it hot, but if you want it super hot, try their own Volante Hot Sauce.
If you want your pizza delivered at your door, Pizza Volante also offers free home delivery. Yes, you got it right, it’s free!! You can call (074) 445-0777 or (074) 619-0466, and tsararan! You’ll get your freshly baked fave pizza within 30 mins.

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