19 responses to “Tacsiyapo! Isdaan Floating Restaurant”

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    meron din dapat dyan sign not satisfied in food and service of that restaurant

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    bakit naman? 🙂 share! 🙂

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    was the place not good? are you saying the customer service is not satisfactory or excellent?

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    the place is nice. but the customer service, honestly speaking, is not very satisfying.

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    At least they've added some novelty to the dining experience. It makes them stand out from the usual restaurant.

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    This comment has been removed by the author.

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    Still, a good customer services is one of the main ingredients of a business. Without good practice in dealing with customers, this restaurant will go down.beccles suffolk

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    I love tacsiyapo because I can vent my anger by throwing plates at things. sturgo

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    That's really fun. A different bonding for the family

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    yeah, not really professional in terms of sevice,i agree…

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    Can you go there just to throw plates and not actually eat? Do they allow that? 🙂

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    Yes po. Nasa right side po sya ng Tacsiyapo.

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    Dun na lang kayo dumeretso

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    what time it open to public for smashin plates? ty

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    what time it open to public for smashin plates? ty

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