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Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands is one of the Philippine’s famous summer destinations which is composed of its 123 islands located off the coast of Lucap, Alaminos City in Pangasinan. It is a perfect family getaway since its offers a variety of activities.

It will be a 4 hour trip from Manila (via Camiling thru SCTEX); a 5 hr ride through Tarlac. Prepare with P300-P350 for Toll fees.

You can ride the Victory Liner buses; they have regular trips to Baguio to Alaminos Straight, passing by the La Union province. If you’re from Baguio, it would take around 1 ½ hrs to reach Alaminos City.

*Quezon Island – this is one of the main islands in Hundred Islands National Park, one of the most-developed. It has dining areas, nipa huts, tables & cottages. Rental fee for table is P200.00. There are also a lot of kayaks for rent here for P150.00. You can also see the giant clams here.

*Governor’s Island
– the main attractions in this island are the Pinoy Big Brother House and the majestic top where you can have a 360 degrees view of the 123 islands.

my cousin enjoying the exhilirating view of the Hundred Islands

To get to the top, you need to complete the 123 steps; quite tiring but definitely exciting and worth it.

trekking the 123 steps. Be Careful! 🙂

And don’t worry there will be an ice cream vendor once you reached the top – P15.00 per ice cream stick.

I forgot her name though, but she was nice she even offered to take a pic of my family so I dont have to set up my tripod. Thanks Ate!

the Pinoy Big Brother House. You can rent this for P10,000/night.

the shore of Governor’s Island

*Marcos (Imelda Cave) – my most favorite island. The sand here is much more powdery white than the one in Quezon Island. The water is very clear too – a perfect spot for snorkeling for the whole family because even the shallow part, one can find a huge collection of marine diversity.

Aside from that, what also makes this island special for me is the Imelda Cave. A different experience indeed – one needs to walk up to the top of the island, go inside a cave where you can witness an unbelievable sight – very cool almost green clear water! No other way to go out of the cave but to dive into the cool water, whew!

the bats in Imelda Cave

Simply the best!!

the way to Imelda Cave…

Most of the visitors, go to Marcos Island at around noon.
the shore will be crowded by bancas

What I actually love in visiting Hundred Islands is how the local government promotes and protects Tourism. They have this Tourism Kiosk at the Lucap Point (in Pantalan). Here you can pay the entrance fee P20.00/head. The kiosk is equipped with all the information regarding the National Park, surrounded by pictures, maps, trivias, etc. Tourists will also feel safe because at the kiosk, they wont let you enter beyond Lucap Point without writing the names of all the people that will ride the boat. Visitors would also not feel that they are being taken advantage because Hundred Islands National Park have a fixed price for almost everything and its really being strictly implemented. Signboards are displayed everywhere to make people aware of these prices.
Snorkeling, Diving, Spelunking, Birdwatching, Diving, Hiking, Trekking, Swimming (of course!), Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Banana Boat
my brothers enjoying skimboarding at Marcos Island
i love the water

you’ll love the waves here!
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