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    we have the same sentiments1. this is the 1st time na nalungkot ako on leaving calaguas. sounds cliche kasi everyone's using that phrase, pero this time it's for real.2. iba na standard ko ng “good beach”. mataas na after seeing calaguas.3. WOW PHILIPPINES indeed! Ü

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    true..it changed my standard ng “good beach” talaga..haaist..i went to boracay this weekend, it was my first time.. kung nauna ko siguro siya napuntahan, magagandahan ako sa dagat ng boracay heheoh!calaguas!!what did you do!!!! 😛

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    I think Calaguas and Paracale are great stop, the island of Maculabo. The island has a beautiful petite fishing village that hidden from the trees but has worth to visit. I was really surprised when I found this hidden site; you must to visit during trip.Best Regards,

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    when I clicked on your blog at isa isang lumabas yung mga photos—syempre yung 1st picture—napa-wow ako don sa dagat at hilly background—and then unti inting lumabas yung human element—-that made the photo more amazing~~

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    thank you for visiting my blog Pusang Kalye :))

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    I hope I;ll have enough time to visit Maculabo when I go back to Calaguas. thnx for sharing! 🙂

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    you're always welcome. 🙂

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    napa holy sh!t ako sa ganda nung tubig!

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    WOW! amazing discovery to, first time I heard of this, will definitely make a list. Salamat! 😀

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    i feel sorry, coz im from paracale but i haven'nt been to maculabo. On my next balikbayan pupuntahan ko na siya. thanks for posting the amazing photos

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    amazing tlg,,i wanna go there

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