Yes, it might be one of the creepy-looking attraction in Camp John Hay but I tell you, it is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss.

the facade itself seems creepy already

This is a quick reminder found at the entrance gate of the cemetery. It gives a brief description about the cemetery you are about to witness; it also tackles what negativism is.

At first, you might think that it is really a cemetery (the fact that you are in an old soldier’s camp will really make you think that way). It may also seem like a pet cemetery because of the small tombs scattered in the whole area. But nuh-uh! Lying on those tombs are the negative vibes that all of us want to bury. It’s kinda cool since it is the most creative way I have ever seen of reminding and teaching people to always look at the positivity of things and to emphasize the things that we do not need in life. Those things that we need to kill within ourselves, those emotions and thoughts that we need to forget and bury.

In the cemetery, pay to kill sometime in each of the tombs you’ll see and let your spirit be uplifted by the epitaphs; encrypted on those are the greatest imposed inflictions, limiting factors, and heaviest burdens of most people. Some epitaphs will really make you laugh but at the same time it makes one realize how these negative vibes can almost stop one from living his/her life to the fullest.

These are some of the tombs in the Cemetery of Negativism.

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