The Chocolate Kiss Cafe – Definitely A Kiss From Heaven
The Chocolate Kiss Cafe – Definitely A Kiss From Heaven

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe – Definitely A Kiss From Heaven

I am having my breakfast here at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe at the moment. Actually, it is just my first time to write about a certain place while I am still there. Maybe, I am that excited that I want to share it as soon as possible. So forgive me if there might be some exaggerated yummilicious reactions.

How To Get Here:
The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is located at the Ground Floor in Bahay ng Alumni, Ramon Magsaysay Street, UP Diliman in Quezon City. You can take a cab, a jeepney, or jog to go here. 🙂 Just quite amazed since the roads here are really wide and I just saw a signage on my way here that their roads are divided into two, which includes a Jogging Lane.

I am currently enjoying the gastromical blast my simple breakfast is bringing me right now. I got myself an order of The Kiss Burger, a cup of Tsokolate Eh, and a whole cake of the cafe’s specialty – the Devil’s Food Cake. (oh! Let’s not talk about my gluttony on the latter, it is my favorite anyways. Please tell me it is valid enough!?)

Okay let me indulge myself into the pleasure of the sight and aroma of this set of good food in front of me right now. Let’s start, my taste buds are definitely in the good mood right now!

The Kiss Burger is definitely a huge burger. It is a pan grilled third pound 100% pure beef patty on veggies (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, dill pickles), mayo, mustard, and cheese. Oh! It comes with real fries too. And I mean real healthy potato fries! Hehe It just tastes so good to have it fresh (not your ordinary fastfood fries) and mantika-free. This is only for P195.00

Oops, just a friendly reminder, The Kiss Burger is too heavy, you don’t need to order any other with it, like pasta or a rice meal.

*smell, hmm..mmm, sip, gulp, close your eyes, heaven* Tsokolate Eh! Well, no doubt I give it 5 stars out of 5. It’s too plainly delicious that probably the only negative thing that I could say is that “Why don’t they include a bottomless Tsokolate Eh in their menu?” Tsokolate Eh is just for reasonably P70.00

Perfectly delicious!

Tsaran! Devil’s Food Cake. I promise you, it will leave you speechless. It is a deep rich chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and marshmallow frosting. It is just for P70.00 per slice and they offer it for P700 for a whole cake which is really large enough for 12 slices. I cannot remember anymore how many slices I consumed while writing this. Hihih!

The Ambiance
The place itself is pretty decent enough. I love the place since it is very quiet and secluded. I am seating right now just beside the window and I love the view outside – the picturesque sight of the canopy of the big trees here in UP. It is a really a good place that it will really bring out the good mood in you to write or to think creatively or just to be silent and just enjoy life for a while.

And this will be my new den…

The Staff
The staff is quite polite and professional enough, very accommodating. Everyone is wearing a black polo shirt with the image of my favorite Devil’s Food Cake with wings that says “Serving the Good Stuff.” Oh! I tell you seeing these words roaming around you will make you go crazy; you want to try everything in their menu. Well, the food speaks for itself, yes, they are really serving nothing but just the good stuff.

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is open everyday from 7am to 10pm. For more of their good stuff, you can visit their official website. You may also contact 433-3782 for inquiries and reservations.

By the way, the Chocolate Kiss Cafe now gives you a reason to wake up every lazy Sunday morning. They offer full buffet, eat all you can at P350/pax only and P250/pax for kids 7 years and below. Not bad right? This buffet is available every Sundays only from 9am-1pm.

Definitely a must-chase! 😀


  1. Anonymous

    Noong freshie days ko sa Peyups sabi sa pamphlet na hawak na ang title “how to survive UP” eh Pang mayaman lang daw ang choco kiss… 🙁 kung gusto ko daw ng lafang sa coop nlng daw or sa famous “RODICS” nalng daw ako kumain lol 🙂

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