Revealing the Secret of Sonya's Garden
Revealing the Secret of Sonya's Garden

Revealing the Secret of Sonya's Garden

Do you still remember the cartoons entitled, “Mary and the Secret Garden”, or its tagalog counterpart in Channel 2, “Si Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin”? Do you still remember that childhood feeling of discovering a secret place; that wonderful feeling when you know that you have this secret “tambayan” that is only known among your own circle of friends? Hmmm… That was what I exactly felt when we found Sonya’s Garden.

I have been wanting to write about Sonya’s Garden since the birth of this blog. It is one of the great places I got to see when I was a year younger (yep! when all I wanted when going to places was to have fun and remembering all the details was still not in my vocabulary). Anyways, since a lot has been changed on how I see “RoadTrip-slash-TravelTravelan”, with my work schedule being so considerate, I decided to share the memories I had in this Secret Garden. Excited? Yeah, I still am. 🙂

I came across of learning about this secret garden on a magazine which featured some of the romantic getaways in the metro. I was enthralled on the picture which featured the hammock-bed-style where the couple were doing their ‘sweety-we-are-so-in-love-with-each-other-poses’. So, when me and Kaka, together with my Tita, had a very spontaneous roadtrip to Tagaytay, we made sure to take part in exposing the secret of Sonya’s Garden.

How To Get There:

I can no longer remember how we were able to get to Sonya’s Garden. But as far as I know, this was really the reason why and how we got there…

Sometimes, you can discover some very good places just by letting your eyes roll on those small ads or billboards on the road.

We just saw this small tarpaulin of Sonya’s Garden while we were driving along Tagaytay highway, then memories of those ‘sweet-sweetan-poses’ came back to my mind. And of course, backed up with the rumor that Sonya’s Garden offers good food. Ahem! Without any second thoughts, we followed the instructions in the tarpaulin that says “Go 4 kms Straight”. So since Sonya’s Garden is just located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, just within the vicinity of Tagaytay, we did go straight ahead.

After a long drive, we found it! Oopps! Not Ayong Maliksi, there oh! The Sonya’s Garden Welcome Sign

It’s Eating Time!!!
Just for P610.00, it’s like you attended a Fiesta. :))

Rate per person is P610.00/set which is an eat all you can menu. The menu includes Green Salad, Bread, Pasta, Dessert and of course, drinks – yes, that oh-so-perfect-super-fresh-dalandan-juice.

Sonya lets you create your own green salad. Veggies are served separately. It is also served with individual bowls of arugula, eggs, broad beans, jackfruit, pineapple, balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil, some edible flowers, and last but not the least, which sets Sonya’s Garden’s Green Salad as one of the best salads in the country, is its special homemade Sonya’s Secret Dressing.

I don’t eat veggies. But I tell you, Sonya’s fresh picked vegetables will let you think of wanting to be a vegetarian.
Just like their Green Salad, you’re also gonna be having a Pasta of your choice. It is being served with 2 kinds of sauces and toppings. Create your own mouth-watering pasta topped with sun-dried tomato & chicken cream w/ mango or topped it with ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers, and grated parmesan cheese.
There’s something different with this home-made pasta… mmmm…

For drinks, you’ll get bottomless freshly squeezed dalandan juice (green mandarin). Promise, WINNER!!!

Tarragon Tea is bottomless too

Customer-service is superb. Since the menu is served in sit-down style, you’ll have your own dining assistant. You would really enjoy your dining experience in Sonya’s Garden since you feel at home, you would not see the staff giving you a smirk or whatever. The staff were all smiling. That aura of these peeps make them more approachable; customers would not hesitate to ask for another plate of this or that. It’s like all they want is to let you try their finest stuff.

After eating, this is one place you’ll definitely visit – CR.
Important: People who go inside Sonya’s Garden’s CR normally takes longer than the usual 5 minutes. Why?

Just outside the array of cubicles is this soothing space which defines a perfect COMFORT room. Whattaview!

Flowers are everywhere. The natural fragrance of freshness lingers the whole place. A perfect combination which gives the place a tranquil ambiance, yes, that kind of tranquility which relaxes the body immediately…

Oops, I did not know it was that soon… Zzzzzz…. zzzzz…. Zzzzz….

Let me just take advantage of the nice ambiance. I need a new primary pic in Facebook. Forgive me.

Sarap talaga dito!

The whole place is united with nature; simple yet abundant with the sounds of the humming birds. A stay in Sonya’s Garden is like your family’s Sunday visit to your Grandma’s house where you can just play and enjoy the country-lifestyle.

Pamper yourself with serenity at Sonya’s Garden.

Lalalala! A must-try!
For reservations:call or text +639175329097 or +639175335140. You may also inquire at For more info, visit Sonya’s Garden’s official website.


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