Chasing Takipsilim: Looking Back at My Sunset Pics
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I haven’t gone out of town for maybe a month and a half now. And I really feel that I’m gonna get sick. Whew! Maybe, I just really miss the beach, yes, I MISS it BIGTIME. I miss the fresh … Read More

18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo: Around the World in 3 Days
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Tired of taking chances on getting some good travel deals? Then here’s what we’re all waiting for!!! (Warning: This post might contain a lot of exclamation point, I’m just really, as in really really excited!) Weeheeeehooo!!! Mark your calendar guys … Read More

Trick Art Museum: Pictures as Real as Life!
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I have been noticing that my little brother, Muymoy, who just turned 13, is becoming more creative and artistic. Aside from the fact that he invents his own fantastic dance moves like Step Up 1,2,3 combined, he appreciates those Art … Read More

Celebrating 30 Years of Burger Machine: the National Burger Stand of the Philippines
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It had been so cold this January; so one morning, I decided to go to the nearest Starbucks to have some hot drink. When I am about to enter the door of the world’s most famous coffee shop, a green … Read More

Chasing the Philippines with NAVI, the Life Navigator
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Happy New Year everyone! 2010 had been a great travel year for Chasing Philippines. With that, our blog – Chasing Philippines, and the people behind it would like to thank you, (yes you!) for checking and chasing our short random … Read More