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Chasing Takipsilim: Looking Back at My Sunset Pics

I haven’t gone out of town for maybe a month and a half now. And I really feel that I’m gonna get sick. Whew! Maybe, I just really miss the beach, yes, I MISS it BIGTIME. I miss the fresh air. I miss the tweets of the birds, yeah, the tweet-tweets (the real tweets of the birds and not just those from Twitter). Haaaist… I feel lost. I am getting insane now; here I am, stuck infront of my laptop, looking back at at all the pictures I took. And oh! Look what I got here! My shots of sunset from different places. (Forgive me, I just really need to refresh myself away from the suffocating city life).

Ready to see some Takipsilim shots? 🙂 Lesgow!
Takipsilim is the Filipino word for sunset; pronounced as ‘ta-kip-si-lim’.

I love watching takipsilim. I don’t know why but there’s something with it that catches my attention. I get emotional too whenever I see the sun slowly hiding behind those clouds and mountains – it leaves me speechless and in awe.

Sunset at Pampanga

This shot was taken when we were on a bus to Baguio. Gear: my cellphone Sony Ericsson K700i

Sunset at Gumasa, Sarangani

I took this shot at Rosal’s Resort in Gumasa. Gumasa has been tagged as the ‘Boracay of the South’. I submitted this to Juan Philippines Travel Magazine (December-January 2011 issue), lucky enough, it was published.

Sunset at Lipa, Batangas

On our way home from Golden Sunset Resort of Mother Ricky Reyes.

Sunset at Subic

It was simply amazing.
This one’s taken in Camayan Beach Resort. We spent our day here after attending the 15th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Sunset at Manila Bay

I took this shot at the newly-developed, Harbor Square in Pasay City. Just beside Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Sunset at Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

After a day of skimboarding, it’s just nice to sit down and watch how the day ends.

Sunset at Boracay 🙂
And tsararan! The most magnificent sunset I have ever seen… Now, I know why people love Boracay. :))
How about you, where have you spotted the best sunset so far? Any suggestions? 🙂
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