6 responses to “In Love? Tie It Up at Caleruega!”

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    been there with the ex-bf. a year after we visit, nagbreak kami! hahahabut still, favorite ko pa din yung shot nya:http://www.flickr.com/photos/30470905@N02/3394665685/

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    Wahaha! Oops, Chyng, is that also an isolated case? Nakaka-inlove naman sa Caleruega di ba? :))Hehehehe, nakita ko nga ang shot ni ex-bf. ganda nga pwedeng pang-magazine. Mag-comment sana ako, sabihin ko nakita ko to sa blog ni CHYNG. 😀

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    for me, it ain't just for lovers.. i can't forget having a retreat here with my batchmates.. it's so peaceful and serene, talagang babait ka eh! wahehe! 🙂 but i keep wanting to go back… ^^

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    oo, nakakabait talaga sa Caleruega!hahaha buti ka pa, na-feel mo na magretreat dun. sana ako din :)) haha

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    ang ganda! malapit lng pala yan dito. hmm..pede! thnx for sharing! 🙂

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    nice! your post made me go to Caleruega. And now, having coffee at Bag of Beans. What a great find you have! Thanks!

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