In Love? Tie It Up at Caleruega!
In Love? Tie It Up at Caleruega!

In Love? Tie It Up at Caleruega!

Disclaimer: I do not know if this is a post-valentine effect but I am feeling that my brother is thinking of getting married. It was just the first time that my brother brought up the concept of getting tied up; he asked me about Caleruega. So this post is actually a favor/assignment that I am doing for my brother, which, I want to share.

the Transfiguration Chapel is just small but it is really beautiful… simply astounding

I know you’ve heard of Caleruega often, or at least once from your colleagues who are madly inlove. This was my reaction the first time I heard about it 2 years ago.

Officemate: “Eeeee… ang saya-saya namin nung weekend dinala ako ni *insert bf’s name here*, sa Caleruega.
Me: “Saan yun?
Officemate: “Ay, hindi mo alam kung saan yun? Haaay nako! Sa may Tagaytay yun! Ang ganda-ganda talaga nung simbahan. Bla bla bla bla bla..”

Okay, as of this date, I have been to Caleruega 2-3 times now. And I have learned that it is not in Tagaytay. It is located at Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. Maybe, the reason why, its locaton is being misinterpreted is because you can find Nasugbu just after Tagaytay.

Caleruega – Close to Nature. Closer to God. True. Very True.

Look up! 2 Trees in Love. 🙂

Caleruega Church is not just famous of its beautiful chapel but it is also widely known as a perfect venue for renewal. It is a house of prayer where you can hold your retreats, recollections, prayer workshops, leaderships seminars, youth camps, liturgy workshops and environmental/agricultural-related activities. Since the place gives you this different feeling of getting closer to God while your getting close to nature, Caleruega has been so in-demand for wedding ceremonies and pre-nuptial shoots. (As I have heard, you need to book at least a year ahead if you want to celebrate your wedding day here, for some obvious reasons that a lot really wishes to be married here).

the place is just really so perfect, you will fall in love

who’s not gonna be able to meditate with this kind of scene?

There were even some teenaged kids who set up their tents here

Feeling ko babait ako dito. :))

Entrance Fee is Php30.00 (it comes with a Caleruega brochure).

How To Get There:

by Private Vehicle
via SLEX
Take Sta. Rosa Exit and proceed to Tagaytay Market. Turn right to Tagaytay Rotonda. Look for Evercrest.

via Coastal Road
From Roxas Blvd., go straight ahead Coastal Road. At Tropical Hut in Talaba, proceed to Aguinaldo Highway all the way up to Tagaytay. Look for Evercrest.

by Public Transport
Go to either BLTB or Crow Bus Terminal in Pasay. Take the bus that will go to Nasugbu, Balayan, or Calatagan (they’re all gonna pass Nasugbu). Once you reached Nasugbu, tell the driver to drop you off at Evercrest. You can either walk To Caleruega Church which is a 2km hike or take a tricycle. Tricycle Fare will be around Php30.00.


  1. Wahaha! Oops, Chyng, is that also an isolated case? Nakaka-inlove naman sa Caleruega di ba? :))Hehehehe, nakita ko nga ang shot ni ex-bf. ganda nga pwedeng pang-magazine. Mag-comment sana ako, sabihin ko nakita ko to sa blog ni CHYNG. 😀

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