Chasing Philippines T.O.! (Chasing Philippines Turns One)
Chasing Philippines T.O.! (Chasing Philippines Turns One)

Chasing Philippines T.O.! (Chasing Philippines Turns One)

I haven’t posted anything for quite some time now. Anyways, I would just like to greet my blog, Chasing Philippines, a Happy-Happy Birthday! Yes, Chasing Philippines is celebrating its 1st Blog Anniversary today – March 25.

This is Bibingka, a traditional Filipino Christmas food. It is usually being sold outside the church during Misa de Gallo. I had it personalized for my blog’s special day. Best served hot. 🙂

I really have nothing much to say right now, I was planning to celebrate the 1st Blog Anniversary of Chasing Philippines with a 5-day-stay in Sagada; I was so excited! Itinerary-check!, reservations – check!, budget – check! Hmmm… however, some unfortunate events happened for the past few weeks. I just discovered that I have a severe case of TMJ (or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), for reason I really do not know. It affected my spine; I had severe back pains, headache, neck & shoulder pain, I almost lost my hearing ability too.

Good thing, I am recovering now ( Thank you to the doctors, dentists and to my beloved piggy-bank). Weeheehooo!! I’m surviving! I am undergoing a therapy (which will last for 8 months); Yes, 8 months and that means that I cannot be pushy and do things that will require a lot of energy and effort. I cannot carry heavy stuff, I cannot run, I cannot trek, I cannot climb, in short I cannot do things that I love for the next couple of months! Waah! This is so not me!!! Hahaaist, but what can I do? Health and safety first before anything else. Not to mention, I am currently doing a minor TMJ exercise while I am writing this post. 🙂

I can say that 2010 had been a very great year for Chasing Philippines. Here are some of the unforgettable trips/memories last year:

I almost got bald when I had my newly-rebonded hair twisted the rappel in Camp John Hay’s Paintball Republic.
Buti nahila at bumukol lang yung anit ko. Thanks sa quick response ng staff, they cut the rope and dropped me off the ground.

Lesson: Strictly follow the instructions for your safety.
In tagalog, “Wag mag-maganda, makakalbo ka.”

I learned that Hundred Islands is not an exclusive park/resort. Call me stupid, but I really thought na may exclusive membership ang Hundred Islands at mayayaman lang ang nakakapunta dito.

We enjoyed jumping off the cliff inside the Imelda Cave. Must-try!!!

My most favorite island in Hundred Islands, Tsenen! – Marcos Island

It was my first time to attend a travel fair. It was nice, I got to know some hotel managers who I’m still having contact with until now. (They give me big discounts).

Travel Mart is held every first week of September.

My first ever shot published in a travel magazine.

This was taken in Gumasa, Sarangani last July 2010

I met Boracay for the first time. It is considered as one of the best beaches in the world.

The best sunset I have ever seen!

I enjoyed my first ever real underwater activity.

Helmet Diving/Reef Walking at Boracay Island for Php400/pax only

And last but not the least, I got lucky enough to be considered as one of the Finalists in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards…

Ang sarap-sarap makita to, ang laki-laki ng blog ko!

I never thought that this blog will be included in the list of the best travel blogs for year 2010. I am no one but just a newbie and haven’t realized yet that my blog, Chasing Philippines do exist to some people. I haven’t realized that other people read my blog posts until it got nominated. So to all the people who keep on visiting Chasing Philippines, MARAMING-MARAMING SALAMAT PO! I truly appreciate all of your comments (positive or negative). Let’s keep on chasing Philippines!


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