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Starstruck with the TV's Queen of Travel Tita Susan Calo Medina atTravel Mart 2011

Since I have been attending the TravelMart Sale ng Bayan, I have an idea that it is being held every first week of September. But for this year, I was not really that excited and don’t even have any plans of taking a peek of this yearly biggest travel/tourism bazaar due to personal reasons.

Hmm.. But maybe, just maybe, it was a destiny that my boss needed a cheap flight back to Manila so I volunteered myself to go there and check it for her.

Yes, maybe, it was a destiny — For the first time, the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart Sale ng Bayan was not held in Megatrade Hall. It was moved to a bigger and better venue at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

The new home of Philippine TravelMart

The biggest travel sale will be held from September 2-4, 2011 by none other than the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Inc. This year, they are adopting “Philippines, Your Bestfriend in Asia” to provide opportunity for ALL travel enthusiasts.

So if ever that you have plans to go on a trip this year or even up until next year, grab this opportunity to book and buy tours, hotel accommodations, airfares, seafares, adventure packages, and tour and travel packages at a great discount.

with my friend Fam; and Angel, a Batanes local
For travel enthusiasts, aside from the discounted rates, sure you’ll like the freebies given away by the different booths. Well, I got the following for FREE. 🙂

Travel Magazines

and these 7,107 back issues…

By the way, I contribute landscape shots for Juan Magazine so please do get a copy. 🙂

Meeting the TV’s Queen of Travel (a.k.a. ‘OMG-I-cant-breathe-slash-is-this-for-real-moment’)

Woah! Waaah! Speechless lang!
SUSAN Calo-Medina is the widely respected and admired host of the longest-running TRAVEL lifestyle and leisure show on television, “Travel Time.”

The TV’s Queen of Travel, Susan Calo Medina

Travel Time is a docu-magazine show dedicated to promote domestic travel and Philippine culture. It has been on contract with the Department of Tourism since 1988. Tita Susan has featured every part of the country and will always be regarded as the TV’s Queen of Travel.

A very evident happiness you’ll get when you travel 🙂

Hmmm… Ahem! Ahem!

My most-priced travel magazine. From the TV’s Queen of Travel herself. Yeah!
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