Defying Gravity and Heartbreak at The Plunge Danao
Defying Gravity and Heartbreak at The Plunge Danao

Defying Gravity and Heartbreak at The Plunge Danao

Okay, Let’s talk about Love on my blog. Haha Kidding. But just a precautionary measure, you can click the “x” button at the right top corner of the screen, if ever that I slip and got too emotional. Yeah, this run-for-your-lives-advice is highly recommended for those allergic with love, cheesiness, mushiness, or being affectionate on whatever degree.
Hmm.. So I think the title itself explains why this blog had been on hiatus for about 4 months now. Valid excuse, right? It was a beautiful 6-year relationship that came to an end so I really thought I’m gonna die. Yes, I really thought I’m gonna die. Have I mentioned that I thought I’m gonna die? ๐Ÿ˜›

I cancelled all the flights and roadtrips that I booked and decided to hibernate. But I think I hibernated too long enough that even I wasnt able to see myself no more. To cut the long story short, one fine day, I decided to go with my friends to Bohol.

To the Healing and Beyond!

“The Plunge” is a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200-meter-high and 300-meter-wide gorge. A person would have a 45-meter-free-fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. — Just got that description from E.A.T. Danao’s website. Reading that, seems like a death-defying stunt huh? Hmmm… not really, but I know, this is what I need. Yes, something extreme and adrenalin-pumping activity.

100% safe! All of their equipments are PETZL

A 2 minute briefing before The Plunge.
To be honest, I wasn’t really able to get everything since I am too excited

The Plunge is the first ever canyon swing in the Philippines. It is considered to be the main attraction in E.A.T. (Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour) Danao.

Promise, it’s not as scary as it looks. Definitely a must try!

Since, I want to feel everything; release every fears and pain that I have inside, I decided to do it the “Head First Style”.

Mga matatapang lang nakakagawa nito ๐Ÿ˜›

The moment EAT Danao staff shouted “Bombs Away!”, everything became heaven. I cannot explain how I felt.

Flashback: On our way to Danao, I kept on thinking what words should be coming out of my mouth when I try the Plunge. As hopeless romantic as I am, the thought of shouting my ex’s name and a hundred I Love You’s came to me. Maybe with that, all my love will cease; hoping that all the hurt will be gone with the wind. Another option is to release all the pain by saying all the bad words that I could gather. I decided not to do the latter.

Free-falling in this picturesque gorge is a gift!
If only I could hear that “Bombs Away” repeatedly, I would.

Surprisingly, I was not able to utter anything. It was very extraordinary. Yes, it was a less than a minute experience, but it was the first time that I realized that I am no longer hurting. That, maybe, I was just so entangled with the thought that I was left hanging in a moment.

Maybe, there are just really some times in our lives that we are faced with extreme challenges wherein we are so afraid to handle. At times, we wonder why we need to experience those. We step back and hide, trying to avoid the hurdles. Our mind becomes clotted with these thoughts, questions, and fears. Thus, stops everything.

But maybe, just maybe, all we need to do is admit how hard we fell. How we strongly believed. How hard we tried to hold on. Maybe, all we need to do is accept the circumstance, surrender everything and let go…

Ironically, I can say that I found surreality in this extreme ride.
Life changing as I may say.

Obviously, I was really enjoying being swung in a pendulum. The Plunge is set amid the wonderful scenery of Danao’s lush foliage. Kung ganito ba naman kaganda yung backdrop eh! Weeheehoo!

Enjoying the inviting view of Wahig River below… haaaistI survived The Plunge! Yeahboy!

All of a sudden, all the fears melted away. It was a blissful moment that I would never ever forget for the rest of my life.

Thank You God for making me live! Hindi naman pala nakakamatay ang heartbreak. =)

Now, I know why we need to pursue these challenges; Sometimes, we need to lose hope and feel like dying so we will appreciate the beauty of living. We need to be weak and defenseless so we will see how strong we can be. Sometimes we need to be left alone so we will learn to appreciate how wonderful it is to be surrounded by good people. And sometimes, we need to cry pale of tears so we would appreciate every morning that we see ourselves smiling…

Oh di ba, Okay na ako? :))

This is my entry for Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival
for the month of March with the theme
“Leap of Faith:When Traveling Changed my Life”
hosted by Reiza Dejito of Wander If You Must


  1. wow ang saya naman nyan!!! i will definitely try that when I go to Bohol this december.. gusto ko pa naman ng mga extreme sports.. by the way, dont worry sooner or later the pain will go away. time heals everything. ^_^

  2. Anonymous

    hi Joan! wow glad to hear that you're going to Bohol.. Yah, Don't miss this one! Sobrang saya!!!!!hmm.. thanks.. yup sana talaga mawala na soon… very very soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    amazing experience noh? went to EAT Danao last March to take the plunge! so awesome to scream at the top of my lungs. bumaliktad ata bituka ko. haha -ella

  4. Anonymous

    thanks Chyng! lente ng barkada ko 18-200 ata or 300.tama plunge ang sagot!! hahaha talagang napansin.. pero tama ka jan BEING DEPRESS = WEIGHT LOSS. yup, enjoyed every part of the healing time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anonymous

    Ella, yah sobrang sarap.. as in pwede kang sumigaw dun sa gubat na yun.. haaist sarap ng feeling!Kathleen, hihih masarap siya.. kahit naman ako may lula pero tong The Plunge. winner! ganda kasi ng view.

  6. prior to my bungy in Macau, I was in Bohol a week before. di kami natuloy dito cause my companions wanted to take the tour around the famous spots. when I get back to Bohol, I'll surely take the plunge (toinks, nestea ba toh?) hehe

  7. i think you have the best Danao shots. I tried to research about this for my recently-concluded bohol trip. sayang lang ngayon lang ako napadaan dito. anyway, hindi kami natuloy sa danao but there's always a next time…

  8. cheers to being heartbroken but unbowed and definitely not out. The plunge had you falling but at the same time got your courage at an all time high, even when faced with a great personal crisis like that of a heartbreak. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    @ Martin,yes, may bayad po for the picture. Php50/picture. Ikaw bahala kung ilan yung papaprint mo. Pero kung gusto mong magpapicture sa kanila, kailangan inform mo sila ahead of time kasi hindi talaga nila pro-actively na ino-offer yung photo service nila.Yung video, im not sure kung meron silang ganung service.Pero a friendly advice, okay na rin naman na wag nang umorder ng picture sa kanila. Though, yung mga taga EAT Danao lang yung may access dun sa area na yun kung san maganda ang anggulo kasi kita yung river. Yung quality ng photo, is parang VGA pa sa sobrang labo.

  10. Anonymous

    I can vouch for its instant remedy. I conquered heartbreak and my fear of heights by riding in a chopper through a heavy storm and almost died. Instead, I became an aerial photographer and a free spirit. I wish you happiness in all your exciting endeavors, and may you let love chase you instead. :-)~ Jojie A. |

  11. I am going through the same situation and I hope by this time, you have completely healed. I am in awe and envy your experience. This made me realize that I should try this. Do you have a detailed blog about your trip to Danao?God bless and thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Jasmin,I hope in time, you'll be able to move on and be happy again. What I can say is that, hmm, just enjoy the journey.Anyways, sorry, but I dont have a detailed blog on the Plunge Danao. Since all of my Bohol pics got corrupted.

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