12 responses to “A Weekend Date with God at Caleruega”

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    ang lapit ko lang dyan pero never ko yan napuntahan… sana soon! 🙂

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    Caleruega is love!

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    jan kame nagretreat nun. i had the feeling na sobraang lapit mo kay god and whenever you have a prob and you sit somewhere, feeling mo anjan lang cya tinatabihan and sinasamahan ka nya. try it out lalo sa sunrise, im telling you, you'll love it. . .

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    Tears on a saturday morning. Grabe mich, iba ka talaga.. it's been months, ngayon ko lang nabasa to but still, it touched me.. I wish kasing galing and strong mo rin ako.. idol!

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    Hi Melody,hihi.. thanks for reading :')These were one of those unexpected moments.. surprisingly healing.

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    Tama,Kakaiba talaga yung feeling. Parang pag umupo ka somewhere alone. Parang nakikita mo si God everywhere. You're alone literally, but you feel otherwise.

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    nice mich…sana makarating din ako dyan. :)matagal ko na nadidinig ang tungkol sa Caleruega pero di ko pa napupuntahan…we have a Great God… 🙂

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    super like!

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    hello mich, You made me cry! huhu! T_TAnytime soon, I'm going to visit Caleruega, thanks for this inspiring blog!Keep going, GOd is with you! :)))

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    @ Queenie Sherlyn Semeniano,Thanks po. Yes, Caleruega is a must visit.Much better if you'll go there if you feel that your heart wants you to.It's a superb feeling.

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    @ Rome,Yes, He is. we really have a Great God.

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    Reading your thoughts… think you have a very strong personality. Stories like these end up in pocket books and paper back novels. Giving pleasure to a single heart by a single act through God is better than a thousand bowing in prayer. You are a great blogger, keep up!

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