Disclaimer: I am not a mountaineer nor a certified hiker/backpacker, but I know there’s a lot of people who wants to go to Mt. Pulag. So, here’s the share of a first timer for the first-timers. Take note, it’s a DIY Trip. (Im not really into packages nor tours; Li Belizario of Sablay Mountaineering Group organized this).

Mt. Pulag is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. It is located within the municipalities of Baguias, Kabayan, and Bokod in Benguet; Tinoc in Ifugao and Kayapa in Nueva Vizcaya. It seats at 2,922 meters above sea level.
Since it’s my first time to climb, I really bombarded my friend with a lot of questions on what to wear and must-haves. I’m not really into anything cold so going up somewhere with below 0 degrees temp is a matter of life and death for me. Yeah, call me OA! But Im just like anyone who’s afraid to die. Hehe

For the outfit/attire, it can be categorized into 5: Ascend(from Manila-Baguio-Benguet-Campsite), Campsite(from camping to sleeping time), Summit(early morning ascend to the peak of Mount Pulag), Descend(trekking from Campsite to Ranger Station), and Travel(from Ranger Station-Baguio-Manila).

Ascend: Dri-fit Shirts, Shorts, Tights, Leggings
Campsite: Definitely thicker clothing than what you had during the ascend. Jackets, warmers, pants
Summit: Jackets, warmers, pants, bonnets, windbreakers, handgloves
Descend: Dri-fit Shirts, Shorts, Tights, Leggings
Travel: Any comfortable clothes 🙂 Weeee!
Ascend to the Campsite

at the Summit of Mt. Pulag

Descend from Campsite

*Thick Socks
*Trekking Sandals/Shoes
*First-Aid Kit
*Sleeping Bag
*Mountaineering Bag

Everything Yellow! 🙂 Dahil yellow ang pambansang kulay ni Smiley, puro yellow ang gamit ko para happy.

Since this was my first climb, it was not easy for me to gather all of these stuff. I borrowed most of my things such as tent, sleeping bag, and warmer. I bought my bubble-type jacket at ukay-ukay for Php50.00 only. I invested my money for a good pair of trekking shoes (alam ko kasi medyo lampa ako at madaling madapa so better save myself) and a 35-L bag from Conquer. I got my headlamp for Php150.00 from a tiangge in Park Square, Ayala.
My other essentials:NIPS – my key to surviving hunger, thirst, and stress; MERENGGUE-the best kainin sa tuktok ng Mt. Pulag, ang crispy niya; OFF-LOTION-not really a necessity, walang lamok sa malamig na bundok


Though Mt. Pulag is accessible all year round, it is recommended to climb during the early part of the year, when the weather is good so you can really enjoy the magnificent “Sea of Clouds”.


There are 4 major trails to the summit of Mt. Pulag – Ambangeg, Akiki, Tawangan, and Ambaguio. For beginners, you can take the Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail, it is the easiest.

To take Ambangeg Trail, take a bus from Manila to Baguio. I prefer taking Victory Liner since they have Baguio Trips every hour. Fee is Php455. But for my 1st Pulag Adventure, I did something different to cut down transportation cost, click here to find out how I went to Baguio for Php143.00.

Friendly Tip:
It is best to leave Manila at night around 9pm onwards. Since Manila-Baguio is like a 6-hour-drive, you’ll arrive in Baguio City before dawn.

From Baguio, rent a jeepney to the jump-off point which is at Badabak Ranger Station. There will be 2 stop-overs – 1) Jang-Jang’s Eatery also known as “Kainan” and 2)DENR.

At the Ranger Station, make sure to have a heavy meal before climbing. This is also the last stop where a decent CR is found. Take advantage.

Before climbing, your group will be asked how many guides and porters you’ll take with you. Each group are required to get 1 guide. You know the reason if you listened carefully with the briefing at DENR. Guide fee is Php250.00. Each porter is Php250.00.

Waterproof everything!
You’ll notice how it gets colder as you go up. Especially at night, seems like everything gets moist and wet.

Respect. Say “Tabi-tabi po.”
The local tribes consider the mountain as a sacred place. Learn how to respect.

Greet the locals.
I got a chance to talk with our guide, Ate Nivera. I could say that we have talked anything under the Pulag sun. From mountaineering, to childhood stories, from accidents to getting married and even from cooking to Facebook(ing). She told me that a month ago from our visit, a mountaineer got sick after not greeting an old local during the climb. All the locals in Mt. Pulag are nice and warm, so I think, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a smile and a simple nod.


  1. Anonymous

    wow! ang ganda ng mga pictures…dream ko tlga akyatin ang mount pulag pero ndi ko alam pumunta dun kahit sa baguio ako nagstay for 5 years…ndi b nakakatakot sa gabi dun sa tuktok ng mount pulag? kelangan b group ung aakyat or my mga schedules? what if 2 or 3 lang kami n gusto pumunta dun? heheh daming tanong eh noh..cait

  2. Anonymous

    hello po. compared sa pinatubo climb at cavinti trek, mas mahirap po ba akyatin ang pulag? nagawa ko na po yung dalawa, plan ko naman umakyat sa pulag pero hesitant ako na baka masyadong ambitious ito. hehe. tia.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi! Para sa akin, Mas nahirapan ako sa Pinatubo. Siguro kasi nung inakyat namin yung Pinatubo, tirik yung araw. Hindi katulad sa Pulag parang wet and malamig talaga yung klima. Kailangan nga lang kumpleto ka sa gamit pang-lamig at makapal yung bubble-type jacket para di kayo ginawin.

  4. Just a question: do you really need a contact before getting there, or you can just go there and the DENR will give you a guide? Oh and I've heard that jeeps for hire but it will be pricey if you're just a small group, is it true? we're about five.

  5. Anonymous

    Mas madami po kayo sa group, mas okay po at mas mura po. Fixed po kasi ang price nung jeep regardless kung ilan kayo. So kung 10k yung jeep divided by 5 pax, mahal talaga. 20 pax kami nung umakyat kami ng Mount Pulag.Para sa guide, merong 20 min briefing sa DENR. I-explain nila kung bakit nyo kailangan ng local guide. Yung mga guide at porter, nandoon sila sa may Ranger. Goodluck at have fun sa pag-akyat. You can also read this:

  6. Anonymous

    IMHO, respect in this context doesnt mean saying “tabi tabi po” while on the mountain, rather not trashing the place and keeping it as clean as possible, within the boundaries of the “leave no trace” rule.

  7. is there any group i can join?yung doesnt cost much na mga climb..bec my friends are not into this kind of activity and i really am interested! i wanna go climbing, i love the beaches! pls text me for info 0915-851-2196

  8. Anonymous

    For those who want to save, actually we chartered a mini bus from baguio-babadak-baguio for only 8500-9000 which can accomodate up 25-30.Spacious, wide window-better viewing, faster and comfort compared with jeepneys. Here's the number who wants to hire the mini bus. 09203568852

  9. hi ms Chasing Philippines! I really love ur blog Dont tell my mom how i got to mt pulag:-) It reminds me of my younger years hahaha! Im planning to hike mt pulag with my daughter this summer so that she wont have to do it without my knowledge hahaha…i admire u cos u dont see Igorots as “lower class” just like others do.u are a good girl my dearest:-)

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