21 responses to “I LEFT MY HEART in BAGUIO:Your 2012 Travel Guide to the Summer Capital of the Philippines”

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    from your list, marami pa pala akong hindi napuntahan. wish i could go back to baguio =)

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    kahit ako, nakakagulat.. ang dame ko pa pala hindi napuntahan.. at promise, hindi siya nakakasawa balik-balikan 🙂

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    Dati when I think of traveling, Baguio comes to mind all the time. It never changed even if I had gone to far-away places. Crowded and all it still has its own charms…I wonder why you left your heart in Baguio? (selos ako haha)…

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    Cafe by the Ruins, Forrest House and 50's Diner are my favorites!! Include mo pa ang Pizza Volante! Sarap magfooood trip sa Baguio! =D

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    Great tips. Never been to Baguio. ;p

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    @ Pink Tsinelas,Forrest House ang di ko pa na-try ever, pricey ba dun?

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    @ Ryan Mach,Punta na! 🙂 You'll definitely love the place.

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    @ Marky,Same here, Baguio lagi or Tagaytay… fave places. heheh

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    kt…ngbabasa na ako…:) punta kami dun sa feb 24 …thanks for the info…:)) mmtt! 😀

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    Himala KT! nagbabasa ka! hahahaSino sino kayo sa 24?

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    apat lang kami… ganda ng kuha mo dun sa doggy…pretty!

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    Wow, helpful list! Hindi ko pa masyadong na-explore yung sa Camp John Hay. Na-intrigue talaga ako sa Cemetery of Negativism na yan. 😀

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    @ KT,Enjoy your trip to Baguio! And promise me you'll try 50's Diner!Sino yung pretty? yung dog? 😛

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    wow! Baguio is my favorite city and I lived there for almost 5 years but I didn't know about the cemetery of negativism…u know what, i'm loving all your work. I almost read all your blogs.cait

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    I've only been to Baguio once pero hindi ko rin sya naikot masyado kasi dinaanan lang namin sya papuntang Sagada. Tapos nung Panagbenga naman nakabili na ko ng bus tickets pero hindi pa rin natuloy kasi may bigla namang namatay sa family kaya ayaw ako bigla payagan ng tatay ko. Pansin ko tuloy medyo mailap ang Baguio sakin. Sana netong summer makabalik ako sa City of Pines

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    Nice trip in Baguio !

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    never miss Oh My Gulay and Kaffeklutsch in Baguio…

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    kakagaling ko lang ng baguio, di talaga ako magsasawa sa pagbalik dun 🙂

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    You missed “Cafe de Batirol”. It's located at Gate 2 (I think) of Camp John Hay. I just love their hot chocolate! You should try it once you return to Baguio 😀

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    thanks for making this blog.. helpful guide.

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