6 responses to “Chasing Baguio: A 4Day-3Night Travel Guide”

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    Got my own Iti for Baguio..But I sure will keep tabs of these other places I haven't tried before.Very extensive, and direct to the point.. I like this much!If I where to write an Iti, it takes forever, I'm just not good at it

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    ang mura ng accomodation mo ah, may photos ka nung place? 🙂

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    sa pine breeze cottage yan Christian 😀

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    @ Francis Balgos,Oh! It takes me forever as well to make itineraries and guide. Baguio is just really my favorite place, so I made sure I was able to share it with other peeps. :)Thanks for dropping. 🙂

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    I really find this very detailed information and interesting….. Thanks….

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    You're always welcome. 🙂

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