22 responses to “Coz We Got High: A Weekend Getaway to Mt. Gulugod Baboy”

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    Nice one Mich! Awesome work! “Beauty into Reality”- Jon

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    Until next climb guys! 😀

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    am excited! thanks you inspired me wink wink!!! 🙂

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    Gulugod baboy is so special to me. This is where my passion for the outdoors started. this is also where my mountaineering group were formed… thanks for sharing your experience… na-miss ko ang bundok na ito… 🙂

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    @ Ian Fresco,cheers to more trips for us! wink wink 😀

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    @ Pinoy Adventurista,Thanks for reading. Katuwa napadaan ka sa blog ko. :))Sarap balikan ng bundok na to. Parang ang friendly friendly ng itsura. 🙂

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    Ganda jan ah 🙂 kasing ganda ng may akda netong blog neto.cc: Pinaytraveljunkie

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    Gusto ko na tuloy to akyatin.

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    Talampunay tree is also called the Angel's trumpet tree, and is native to the Philippines! :DI like your shirt, mich! Hike! Like!

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    @ Marky,ang ganda talaga dito sa Gulugod! Ang presko pa. :)@ Robbie,akyat na! sama ako? wala bang kasunod yung Pinatubo Getaway ng PTB? :)@ Byron,Thanks for that info Byron. :)hehe nakita ko lang sa pics ni Gideon yung shirt, akala ko pag bumili ako magiging kamukha ako ni Rica. Poinks!

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    sa nem pa lng ng lugar sounds interesting na … sana makapunta me dyan!

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    ANg nice nman nito. sana maakyat q din yan

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    ohh goodness! The sunrise photo is spectacular!! Im looking forward to joining other pinoy travel bloggers on some events or getaway. sounds so fun!

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    lovely shots! I was grinning about the condom tree? let say, I do imagine “What If”? lol… Nice climb!

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    @ KULAPITOT,the name was also a big factor why we chose this mountain…hmm.. Mt. Gulugod Baboy 🙂

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    @ WANDER SHUGAH,thank you… yes, the sunset at Mt Gulugod is very astounding! As in automatically, everyone just stopped from pitching the tents and stared at the beautiful sunset. Then, unconsciously everyone was like whispering “Here comes the sun.. chooroodoodoo” Superb experience!

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    @ Mitch,napa-what if din tuloy ako… hahaha lol

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    @ Riz,update us once naakyat mo na ang Mt. Gulugod ah? 🙂

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    Hope to climb this sooon 🙂

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    Amazing photos! What a nice place!

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    Mich, if taking a private car is there a safe place to leave/park the car while climbing the mountain?

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    Hi,our van waited at the Jump-Off Point, malapit dun sa chapel. Safe naman po. Make sure na lang na may maiwan dun.

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