7 responses to “Cinemalaya 2012: List of Films, Trailers, Posters, Schedule, and Ticket Prices”

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    I go to their website and I didn't see any post about cinemalaya 2012

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    Will watch some movies too, I think Sue Prado has a couple in this year's cinemalaya.

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    @ Mahj,Cinemalaya's website is not that updated yet. The list that they have for the new Breed Category still includes those disqualified entries. Hope it will be updated real soon.

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    @ Marky Ramone Go,Good to hear that you'll be watching some movies too. Im torn between getting a day pass and ahmm.. filing for a VL for this tsk

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    hi, it's my first time to look up screening info as i'm hoping to see some films. i can't understand the venue codes, can someone please help me? thanks! 🙂

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    Please disregard. The PDF file the link goes to is way more complete than the list I saw in the CCP website. Thanks! 🙂

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    @ Jelaine,Thanks for dropping by :)You might wanna check Cinemalaya 2012's Facebook account. I think that's more updated than their website. I got the PDF file there.

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