Where to Go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos
Where to Go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos

Where to Go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos

It’s been raining hard for the past 2 weeks and a lot of streets in Manila were flooded. Televisions are bombarded with weather reports, relief operations, flood mapping, etc. Me? I am looking at a hotel receipt issued 2 days ago, it says Php1,800; I was stranded in Makati when these calamities happened and I had no way to go home. I had no choice but to swipe my credit card to get a place to stay.

Staring blankly at the receipt, I could have spent this Php1800 somewhere else.


For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent 2 days and 1 Night in Cagbalete Island


For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent 1 whole day bashing the wild rapids of Pagsanjan Falls

For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent a day at the beaches of Bauan Batangas and an overnight at the peak of Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Yes, I could have spent a thousand or less in any of these places. I could have been on a trip somewhere. Thank God, Thank you so much God, my friends and family were just home when the rain poured so hard; thank you God for keeping them safe and sound all throughout.

Thank God, Thank you so much God, I was just in Makati when almost all the cities in NCR got flooded.

Thank God, Thank you so much God, I only spent Php1800, when others lost their homes and businesses.

My heart and prayers go to those affected.

Since Mr. Sun is back, I know a lot of us are all excited to go out and camp somewhere far. But maybe, just maybe, this time, we can pause for a while and spend a day or two helping out in relief operations. Maybe, we can give that thousand bucks to those in need. Definitely, it will help a lot and will go somewhere far; farther than Pagsanjan, Cagbalete, and Batangas.

Your thousand bucks can feed even more than a thousand mouth. So what’s more fulfilling than that? At this time, I ask you, “Where to go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos?”, I bet and I hope you already know the answer.

This is my entry for Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival
for the month of August; during the time when NCR was
badly devastated by the southwest monsoon.

The theme for this month is
‘Where Would You Travel Given a P1,000 Budget’
hosted by Cris Reyes a.k.a. PinayThrillseeker.


  1. Mukhang maganda pumunta dito ah! Napaka ideal naman to kasi ang mura nag magagastos mo oh infairness hehe..Mai refer ko nag to se friend ko. Masarap mag camping,swimming and etc sa mga lugar na ganito. But wait, hanggnang ngayon po ganito pa rin ba ang prices nito? Thank youfor sharing this with us.

  2. Anonymous

    yung cagbalete, nag raise ata ng 20-40 pesos ung fare. (one way)yung gulugod baboy naman, hhmmm. may warning kase sa gulugod baboy, so di ko mairecommend na puntahan din yun.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks po for the info and update. I havent heard and read about that warning re:Mount Gulugod Baboy. Would you mind sharing the reason behind? Thanks po

  4. Anonymous

    sir/ma'am sorry sa matagal na pag reply. hehe.gustuhin ko man po ishare in private or ipbulic, parang its better na wag nalang po.sabi rin po kase ng source ng information about GB, wag nalang daw ikwento yung buong nangyre, warningan nalang daw yung mga nagbabalak pa dito.naintindihan ko naman, kase baka masira yung popularity ng lugar. And me, as a traveler, kahit hindi po ako taga-doon, ay iniingatan ko yung lugar nila na parang akin na din. :)*note lang po, as of now, wala na akong narinig na insidente sa GB, plus the fact na, may mga nakatapak ng sa lugar na yun, at nakauwi ng may ngiti sa mga mukha nila. so sana po naintindihan ninyo kung bakit hirap din akong sabihin dito kung bakit.

  5. Anonymous

    plus, that's the reason why you haven't heard anything about the 'warning' on GB. Away ikwento ang problema, basta ang pwede lang sabihin is, 'may problema.'keep travelling guys! 🙂

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