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Where to Go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos

It’s been raining hard for the past 2 weeks and a lot of streets in Manila were flooded. Televisions are bombarded with weather reports, relief operations, flood mapping, etc. Me? I am looking at a hotel receipt issued 2 days ago, it says Php1,800; I was stranded in Makati when these calamities happened and I had no way to go home. I had no choice but to swipe my credit card to get a place to stay.

Staring blankly at the receipt, I could have spent this Php1800 somewhere else.


For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent 2 days and 1 Night in Cagbalete Island

For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent 1 whole day bashing the wild rapids of Pagsanjan Falls

For 1000 Pesos, I could have spent a day at the beaches of Bauan Batangas and an overnight at the peak of Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Yes, I could have spent a thousand or less in any of these places. I could have been on a trip somewhere. Thank God, Thank you so much God, my friends and family were just home when the rain poured so hard; thank you God for keeping them safe and sound all throughout.

Thank God, Thank you so much God, I was just in Makati when almost all the cities in NCR got flooded.

Thank God, Thank you so much God, I only spent Php1800, when others lost their homes and businesses.

My heart and prayers go to those affected.

Since Mr. Sun is back, I know a lot of us are all excited to go out and camp somewhere far. But maybe, just maybe, this time, we can pause for a while and spend a day or two helping out in relief operations. Maybe, we can give that thousand bucks to those in need. Definitely, it will help a lot and will go somewhere far; farther than Pagsanjan, Cagbalete, and Batangas.

Your thousand bucks can feed even more than a thousand mouth. So what’s more fulfilling than that? At this time, I ask you, “Where to go in the Philippines for 1000 Pesos?”, I bet and I hope you already know the answer.

This is my entry for Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival
for the month of August; during the time when NCR was
badly devastated by the southwest monsoon.

The theme for this month is
‘Where Would You Travel Given a P1,000 Budget’
hosted by Cris Reyes a.k.a. PinayThrillseeker.

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