15 responses to “Dear Miss Traveler: Confessions of a Secret Lover (An Open Letter)”

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    and I am sure Nick loves you back a million times 🙂 Enjoy travelling together Mitch 🙂

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    sweeeet! beautifully written! <3cheeeers!!!To more travels with nick! 😛 WANDER SHUGAH

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    wahahahaha! i thought this nick was some dude! oh well. 😛

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    Nice twist! 🙂

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    If not with the pictures, we thought Nick (sounds so Ozzy or European) you bump in one of your travels. Very well written mich! 🙂

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    Ur losing it!-enyang 'p

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    @ Wends of Journeys and Travels,Heeh.. :)Thanks Doc! Yes, we've captured a lot of good memories together 🙂

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    @ WANDER SHUGAH and Riz,Thanks! Glad you liked it!Cheers to more travels!

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    @ lakbay philippines,oh, well.. :)this dude is so inlove with me.Nick is my first though… hmm… but I dont want him to be my last. (i hope)

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    @ Bound for Two,The name sounds so handsome too :pThanks a lot for reading it!

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    @ Enyang,hahaha! im still okay, just a lil' bit of inlove. To be honest, im quite scared im losing my interest in Photography that's why I wrote this.But, i hope ill fall in love with Photography again. Haaist

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    nice one

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    you got me here.ang kulit! hahai really like how you write.. naalala ko yung article ko- http://journeyingjames.com/2011/09/an-ode-to-sienna-my-travel-buddy/

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    @ journeyingjames,Thanks James! 😀

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    Very nice! I thought ….. well written! :p

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