Dear Miss Traveler: Confessions of a Secret Lover (An Open Letter)
Dear Miss Traveler: Confessions of a Secret Lover (An Open Letter)

Dear Miss Traveler: Confessions of a Secret Lover (An Open Letter)

Dear Miss Traveler,

We’ve been going out for quite some time now; the fact of seeing you more often than before gives me this feeling that I really don’t want to recognize. I don’t know but one day, I just woke up and everything became different — Suddenly, your touch makes me tremble (and I do know how you hated it). I cant understand but I started daydreaming of kissing you whenever you put your face close to mine. To be honest, I melt every time you look at me. Your eyes, your touch, they make me feel that you see through me… that you believe me.

Hey Best Bud, I am sorry but I think I am starting to fall… Don’t get mad, please.
You don’t know how I’ve been battling with this feeling for ages now, how I hated myself to start liking you
in the first place.

Yes, I hate myself…
I hate myself for liking a traveler…
… you make me go nuts every time that you’re somewhere else; somewhere most people don’t even know about.

I hate myself for liking a traveler…
… you’re always on the go. When I, myself, just want to stay at home and cuddle.

I hate myself for liking a traveler…
… you talk with a lot of people, mostly strangers. And I get jealous, always. I hate it!

See, it’s not my intention to fall in love with you. So please don’t get mad. I’m supposed not to tell anything about how I feel, but I’m too scared with how you’re acting lately. The cold treatment makes me feel like it’s just alright with you to give me away. I haven’t seen you for quite a while now, I hope to see you real soon. I miss your touch.

Your Best Bud,


Dear Nick,

I’m glad, at last, you speak.
I have been waiting for that soooooo long.
I am not mad, never would I. You don’t know how you give me butterflies in my stomach whenever we are together.
I like you. I love being with you, seriously.

With you, I realized a lot of things… You made me dream. You made me believe that I can trust again.
With you, I tend to see only the BRIGHT SIDE of everything. Yes, you taught me how to appreciate the BEAUTY of LIFE; every inch of details life has to offer, even the smallest and simplest ones, yes, I’ve realized they’re all beautiful. And I’ll be forever thankful with that… :’)

Thank you, thank you for coming into my life…

…but hey!

Do you still remember where we first met?

They say Love comes in the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place.

Do you believe in Destiny? That of all the millions of people in this world, we ended up in each others’ arms.

And I would never ever forget our first kiss… just in time for that Valentines Eve.
my First Kiss

Dear Nick, I know you’ve been dealing with mini-heart attacks since we have been together.

Remember, when you rode with me in that famous Suislide in Danao; you thought I want to drop and break you into pieces since I am just holding you with my bare hands… Yeah, with no other strings attached; but hey, I just really want you to experience the ride of my life. Thank you for holding on so tight…

I know I didn’t hold you that much when we were in Sabang; but hey I want to thank you for lying there with me on that very first night in my life that I thought of settling down…

Nick, I know I am losing my grip for quite a while now but I am just too busy(and lazy). Though, there’s a bunch out there who’s better, my heart belongs to you and I can assure you that I am not going out with someone else.

I hope to go out with you again. I miss you so bad.

Your Best Bud,


  1. Anonymous

    @ Enyang,hahaha! im still okay, just a lil' bit of inlove. To be honest, im quite scared im losing my interest in Photography that's why I wrote this.But, i hope ill fall in love with Photography again. Haaist

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