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Things To Do Before Traveling: Tips and Tricks for that Awesome Trip

Disclaimer: I am not a certified travel adviser; I just have this love for outdoors and I want to share what I usually do before going on a trip. Some may be weird, but more often than not, they work for me. Hope it helps!

1. Create a Checklist
Just like what I’ve said in my “About Me” page, I really have a short memory. It has been a routine for me to make a checklist before leaving to make sure that I am not going to forget any essentials.

My Travel Checklist for our Mt. Gulugod Baboy Climb
My checklist usually includes “Things to Bring”, “Things to Do”, and “Things to Buy”

2. Check the Weather

Safety First. I always check weather updates before going for a vacation. Regardless if I have to cancel flights and hotel bookings (and even if that means that my payment for travel tickets will be forfeited), the safety of my colleagues/friends/family or whoever my travel companions is my top priority.

Subscribing to DOST PAGASA‘s tweets is a great help

3. Spend Time with Family

Call me ‘cheesy’ but yes, I love and miss my family a lot whenever I travel without them. Since I do know that I’ll be missing them a lot, I make sure that I spend extra time with them. I go home early, I play with my nephew, I share some “patok na patok” jokes with them during meals. Hmmm… in short, I tend to become extra nice to make them happy before I leave. Super nice that they’ll feel the happiness even I am no longer around. Heeh

4. Unplug Electronic Items
My parents respect my privacy a lot that they don’t go to my room even I’m somewhere else. So, to make sure that my loved ones are safe and sound, I double-check if there are still some electronic gadgets plugged in. Trips are totally awesome when you’re free from worries, right?

5. Double check Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, and Rental Cars
Get in touch with your contact persons. Confirm if flights and accommodations are all good.

Want more?
Okay, I’ll give you more!


Your favorite Pinoy Travel Bloggers share what they usually do before going on a domestic trip.
(Caution: Parental Guidance is recommended.)

Lauren of Epic Potato
” I cook, or do something nice for the family so they’d feel my absence in a good note cause I’ll most likely be in debt mid-trip and will require “replenishment” when I get back. Oh and there’s the clothes buying (cheap basic t-shirts and sleeveless tops) and toiletries run at the last minute the day before a trip.”

Ian o
f Brownman Trips
“Print/write important addresses, phone numbers, confirmation number, email, website, etc on a piece of paper that I can keep safe. So that, in cases where wifi or my mobile phone is dead I could still contact people.”

Brenna of The Philippine Travelogue
“I shop a little, prepare my camera, withdraw money, etc. I don’t like going unprepared in a trip, for me, it’s too much of a hassle when I need to stop just to withdraw.”

Joanna Jane of The Backpack Chronicles
“I stock up toiletries and some medicines for emergency.”

Kevin of Kevin the Travel Boy

“Buy instant/ready to eat foods for me and for my brother na iiwan ko sa bahay, making sure that i have the equipments that i need(camera, filters, tripod, memory cards, etc). Charge phones, ipod and extra batteries. “

Catherine of Seeking Felicity
“I have a small notebook that I bring along when I travel. Like Ian, that’s where I write down important infos. Prepare clothes, toiletries, gadgets etc. I’m usually online as well, chatting with friends (or local CSers) to meet up with in whatever destination I’m headed to coz’ they’re like my instant guides (+host)!”

Marky of Nomadic Experiences
“Like Lauren, though in my case I buy pizza or KFC bucket dinner the prior night then clean the house, fix something at home coz’ I’ll be leaving my Dog Jack at my Mom’s house when I go on trips.”

Reiza of Wander If You Must
“Aside from the usual shopping for travel-size toiletries, I replenish my first aid kit, especially with anti-diarrhea and anti-allergy drugs. I wouldn’t want to miss on the food!”

Aleah of Solitary Wanderer
“I make arrangements on who would feed my cats, I clean my house because I don’t want to go back to a dirty house, I prepare coins and small bills, I make sure I have my IDs and ticket printout and the contact numbers of people I’ll be staying with.”

Chino of JuanderfulPinoy
“I browse blogs and other travel forums about the place. I prepare my go to list. Research the destination and confirm my flights.”

Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista
“Nanunuod ng TV at kumakain ng madami… that’s what I missed most pag nasa travel ako.”

Mac of Weekend Sidetrip
“Nakikipagkwentuhan at nakikipagtawanan sa parents at kapatid ko. Then I fix my things. Do some checking if I forgot to pack that one thing. Also, I check some blogs to note some tips before the travel.”

Ada of Adaphobic

“Check blogs and other travel related websites that might be helpful during my trip like contact persons. Shopping the usual toiletries or disposable panties if over 3 days ang travel. Then, withdraw. I seldom withdraw money from my bank when I travel, so withdraw muna bago alis. Kung ano yung winithdraw ko, yun na yun para iwas gastos. Also, telling the people that I’ll be traveling for a while and avoid asking for pasalubong as it’s not really my habit and I have limited budget. Lastly, have kinky and mushy talk to my Ladioobs the night or day before my flight or travel and inform him not to worry, that I will miss our daily sensual talks, and assuring him I will do my best to get in touch with him most especially when traveling abroad.”

Ron of Flip’n Travels
“Research on vernacular slang, and I don’t go towards the usual good morning, thank you, good bye and don’t call me, I will call you. In Cebu, I practiced saying “Mal” referring to someone who is hot. In Ilocos, “Nagtangsit!” to compliment someone who is fabulously wicked! In Rizal (Morong/Tanay), change the D’s with R’s (eg. San po ang Runkin’ Ronut?”). Mastering the words’ infliction draws interest and amazement among locals and it fosters connection too.”

Enrico of Byahilo

Naglilinis ng budhi.”

Renz of The Geek Travels
“Nag fafacebook pa rin… won’t pack my things until will say this magic sentence “hoooy alas diyes na, di ka pa nagiimpake, alas kwatro pa ng umaga flight mo, baka malimutan mo nanaman briefs mo!”

Micaela of Senyorita
“Dinner with Lolo and Lola. I have a notebook with me palagi where I list down some important details (prospect hotels with their phone numbers and address). I only pack minutes before I leave the house. Tambak lang ng damit sa bag dahil busy sa kaka-Facebook o mga last minute online tasks. I make sure na I have enough money with me na rin. I make sure na at least sakto yung damit at undergarments na dala. Check ng camera at laptop then fly or drive na.”

Lloyd of the Lost Boy Lloyd
“I prepare my best clothes and my grooming kit. I also schedule a trip to the salon. I like to look my best when I travel.”

Astrid Zoe of Starfish Travels
Load all important info on my iTouch just so they’re easy to access (that includes my e-ticket). I tend to pack three times, each time removing something I would realize I won’t need. Review itinerary to make sure I have a slot for doing something spontaneous. Make sure I know my flight/trip is AM or PM. Charge gadgets. Then go on Twitter and let all the excitement come out in less than 140 characters “

Dan of The Wanderdude Adventures
I want to establish a personal look and feel about myself before I travel, I’d like to make a statement on how people on my destination would perceive me – as a solo traveler wanting to escape stress, as a holiday adventurer, as a writer who would like to review every spoon I eat, as a deep thinker wanting to soul search. I always make sure that I have a ‘theme’ on my travel. By establishing that ‘look and feel’, I am able to achieve what I intended to have. It makes the whole experience more fulfilling.”

Eileen of Possibly Pinay
I’d map out outfits. My Mom doesn’t repeat any top on any or her trips – like ever. Once worn, pang-SM na lang siya- hindi muli yayapak pa ng eroplano. And I guess, she has a point. I’d TRY to pick out clothes that have not been in epic photo ops or in epic trips.”

Hey you, reader! Yes you!
I hope you can read this…
This is a poem I made to thank the peeps who shared their insights to help travelers prepare for their trips. Click the highlighted links, and I guarantee, they’re not just another travelogue. They can help you conquer your phobia of traveling and cure your Byahilo too. Swear!

The travel bloggers –
Yeah, they love getting lost.

Awesome peeps who share their epic journeys on the road.
They may always seem prepared anytime to just go
and get their backpacks.

But I tell you, they think of their Things To Do too.

They hit the road.
To be honest, they really don’t have any fixed plans.
It’s just that it isn’t obvious.
Coz’ they embrace the fun in those weekend adventures
They did somewhere far.

Seat sales excite them.
“Book a flight, plan later.”
That’s what they usually do.
It’s not their motto
But this is how they love chasin’ the Philippines
They grab every opportunity
I bet you you should start chasing too.

Now we say, do it now. Travel young.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary dude
a geek, or an ingliserang Senyorita.
Read up & be inspired,
You might want to have the time of your life.

Do it now, travel young
We’re calling for pinoys and pinays.
Find the felicity
Kiss a pink starfish
Live a nomad life
No matter if you’re a solitary wanderer
Don’t think twice
We want you to wander
Wander if you must!

And hmmm… another thing…
Relax, smile,
Flip your normal life.
Life is Juandeful
Just enjoy the ride. 🙂

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