Virtual Zoo: How To Get There, Admission, Photos, Etc.
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Soon as I got back from a Weekend Trip to Magalawa Island, my little brother welcomed me with his updates and latest stories; this included a news report he saw featuring a one-of-a-kind-zoo. “Ate, Have you heard about the Virtual … Read More

Yabang Pinoy Launches PHmade: It’s Worth Buying For
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Yabang Pinoy intensifies its consumer revolution campaign through the PHmade movement. The pioneering Filipino pride movement, through PHmade, yet again encourages Filipinos to support Filipino ideas, business concepts, products, and services. The campaign aims to educate Filipinos, through videos, print … Read More

Must-Visit Museums in Manila
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Admit it, whenever one is being asked of “What to See” or “Where to Go” in Manila, museums would take the bottom part of the list. I don’t know but even I, myself, find it boring whenever I hear the … Read More

How to Rebook or Cancel Cebu Pacific Flights
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Due to recent weather conditions in our country, I have not gone out for about 3 months now. Yeah, I know, it’s really depressing for someone who’s used to go on a trip almost every week (and I’m afraid I’m … Read More

It’s More Fun in the Philippines, DOT’s Official AVP is Now Out!
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And now… After all the minor glitches it had during the first launch, the Official AVP of “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign is now out – better and definitely brighter. Watching the AVP will somehow make a Filipino … Read More