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How to Rebook or Cancel Cebu Pacific Flights

Due to recent weather conditions in our country, I have not gone out for about 3 months now. Yeah, I know, it’s really depressing for someone who’s used to go on a trip almost every week (and I’m afraid I’m getting sick).. Hmmm… but with that span of time, I learned that I am afraid of rain; yes, I PANIC every time it rains. But who would want to encounter a typhoon, cyclone, or an earthquake on top of a mountain or in a deserted island, right?

Sadness, my dream of having my own version of non-stop travel adventures for this year is no success. I have been cancelling flights and numerous trips since June… Haaist… Hope the weather will become better anytime soon – I miss the mountains, the sea breeze, that awesome experience when you get to know some locals. Please weather, please weather be good.

Anyway, here’s how to rebook or cancel your Cebu Pacific flights, hope it helps.

There are 2 ways to cancel or rebook your Cebu Pacific flights – online and over the phone.

via Online
Go to Cebu Pacific’s official website – At homepage, click the link, “Manage Booking” or “Change/Cancel Booking”. You will be routed to a new window where you need to type in some of your flight details (e.g. confirmation number, credit card number, email address, departure and arrival date, origin and destination, name, guests, etc.)

See that link? Just click on that Change/Cancel Booking

via Phone
Contact Cebu Pacific’s Call Center at (02) 7020888 or (02) 2308888. Listen to the recording, and press option 3. Be ready with your flight details so once you get a representative, it will be easier for the both of you to discuss the matter. IMPORTANT: Rebooking, Re-routing, cancellation, and payment of the applicable fees should be settled and done at least 4 hours before the flight.

If you opt to rebook a flight, there is a re-booking fee of Php800(for domestic flights) and Php1800(for international flights). Fare difference should also be paid if the cost of the desired new flight is higher.

For flight cancellation, a cancellation fee of Php900(for domestic flights) applies. You may also ask for a refund (applicable fees will be deducted from the total cost of the ticket). However, if the flight is cancelled due to weather, you can rebook the flight with FREE of any charges if and only if the the new travel date chosen is within 30 days. If you wish to re-route the flight and use it within a 90-day-period, a fee of Php900.00 applies.

If in case, you already cancelled the flight in your own initiative due to weather reasons, personal reasons, etc. and the flight was cancelled when a weather advisory has been announced just before the flight, you are no longer eligible for the refund and/or the free flight re-booking.

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