38 responses to “Finding Magalawa: Your Do-It-Yourself Travel Guide”

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    The sky looks really…breathtaking. Is there any specific month when it's ideal to go there?

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    this is really inviting Mitch and lovely shoots too 🙂

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    Thanks Doc! 🙂

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    @ Apollo,Ang alam ko, sabi ni Mang Mulo, all-year-round okay naman puntahan ang Magalawa. Kung hindi man maganda ang panahon, itetext kaagad nila kayo na wag na munang tumuloy.

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    The sand is not that inviting, but the skies are. 😀 Buti na lang nakisama ang panahon. 🙂

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    Wow! I love DIYs and your post is so enticing!

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    The place really looks scenic and very affordable. They really have great beaches in Zambales.

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    @ Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker,The sand is pretty okay. I just thought that it's as white as Calaguas. And yes, buti nakisama yung panahon. Pero ang saya pa rin dito, super tahimik. Sarap matulog at mag-“Me” time.

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    @ Franc Ramon,I agree, Zambales got a lot to offer. Hmm… This is the first one I got to visit, hope I can also see Nagsasa, Anawangin, and Capones soon.

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    @ Galilee,Thanks, Im glad you liked it. Hope it could be a great help for those looking for a quick cheap weekend getaway in Zambales.

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    the beaches in Zambales is really one of the best! would try to insert this in our zambales trip next year!

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    @ My Nomadic Habits,Yah, they have some of the best and they're just accessible. I would like to try the other beaches there too like Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Capones

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    Wow! Ang ganda ng island! Pasok na pasok sa banga! Love it! =)

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    @ Joni Kiki,Pasok na pasok talaga to sa banga! Promise! 😀

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    Very informative entry about Magalawa.

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    thanks for this post, I actually followed your itinerary when we went here first week of dec. Looking forward for more travel post in your blog

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    @ Girl with a lot of riches,wow, glad to hear to you visited Magalawa. So how do you find the beach?

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    Been there too last year. I was underwhelmed too. But the pictures tell a different story. Our contact was Grace Armada and when we got there, I wished we stayed to Mang Ruiz. The people from Mang Ruiz's resort was more accommodating. I'll follow your posts na kasi its super helpful for aspiring travellers like me.

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    Hi Mommy Jhen,Thanks for checking my blog. :)I tried to go and check the other resort (Armada), they're too busy and not that accommodating.The people in Ruiz Resort (Mang Mulo and family) were very helpful and attended to all of our needs.

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    Can we get the n7mber of mqnh mulo or ruiz

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    Can we get the n7mber of mqnh mulo or ruiz

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    Here Davey, Mang Mulo: 09294670505

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    Hi Mich! Nice write-up. I was smiling while reading your post. Question, oks lang ba for kids ito? How about the sandfly, any bad experience? may mga nabasa kasi ako about it.

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    @ Trip@dora,When we went there, may 1 family with 3 or 4 kids ata ages 2-7. Kids friendly yung shore sa tapat nila Mang Mulo, yung mga bata walang bantay kasi super mababaw lang yung tubig. Yung sa kabila kasi is medyo malalim ang biglang lumalalim yung shore. About sa sandfly, wala naman kaming na-encounter during our stay.

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    Hi. Ask kolang sa IBA bus terminal ba may pa-cubao doon? Thanks!

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    Meron din po ata. 2 bus po kasi yung nandoon. Pero para po sigurado, tawag ka sa Victory Liner.

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    Aun ohhhh…After. Potipot island, Nagsasa cove and capones island!!,Eto na issunod qng puntahan!!!Ahehehe masaya to!!!Tnx for sharing this…(ryan)

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    great blog…Thanks for sharing your experiences..we'll definitely look an eye to your tips/guide…

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    Go visit Nagsasa..super peaceful…

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    Thanks for the information. Astig.

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    Walang anuman! 🙂

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    if manggagaling pong cubao ano po pede sakyan dito na malapit kasi madaeng bus terminal dito? thanks

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    Yes po. As long as may pa Iba Zambales na byahe, okay lang.

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    magandang araw po,updated number po ni mang mulo? or same padin po 09294670505

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    Lugar na hindi ko na babalikan. hehe. Nagexpect din ako na parang Calaguas siya., Medyo overrated lang yung place. Madamo, madumi tubig at maraming sea urchins.

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    Hahahaha ang ganda kasi ng mga pictures sa google. Ang puti and very fine yung sand. Akala ko din. :p

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    Hi! Anong time po last trip ng boat papunta sa island? Thanks!

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