21 responses to “The Hot Pink Backpack Diaries: Yes, this Backpacker is 45% Kikay Too”

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    Lovin' the bottle cap accessories! Me too… There are some days that I feel like splurging, to remind me of my old self 🙂

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    @ Pinay Travel Junkie,True. This recent splurgin' reminded me of my old self. Missed that part of myself a bit.

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    i love the satchel!! 🙂 my cam would love it too haha! 🙂

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    Sooo love the blogger bottle cap ring.cuteness overload naman!

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    Traveling does teach you the simpler way of life and we learn the needs vs the wants though of course, it's also just right to visit and shop in bazaars like this from time to time.

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    I always wondered what it's like to be a back packer.. that is one of the luxuries that I can't afford yet because of other priorities. I can't relate with more than half of the items presented in this post except for that spicy garlic which I am very much interested (like you said all Kikay stuff hehe). 🙂

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    oh my gaaawwd!! so love the camera bag! how much does it cost? i do need one for my Nikon. three of my bags have given up because i shove the slr everytime aaarrgh

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    The items in the bazaar are really unique and very enticing for shoppers.

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    What you say is true how travelling can really change the way you deal with your money. I have been curious, how are Sanuk shoes? They do not look easy to maintain, are they?

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    I have an earrings and chains from hodge podge! I bought it online using paypal 🙂 It's fancy and nice as giveaways. I'm actually planning to order for my food blog – Foodamn PH.

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    Visit: http://facebook.com/SuperTuyo 🙂

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    @ fyhmd,True. Traveling really changes one's perspective. It makes people more open, receptive, and unattached to material things.Hmmm… I dont really wash my Sanuk a lot. But, it's easy. I wash them with soap bar.

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    @ Franc,Yup, you're right! That's also the main reason why I love going to Bazaars because for sure, there you'll see one-of-a-kind stuff… and they're not usually seen in malls

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    @ Kero,got the bag for Php795 only. cute noh? =)

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    I love that pink satchel! I just wish there'd be a purple because i love that color more. You've got a lot of funky finds here + it's great to see Pinoy entrepreneur doing good in bazaars.

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    @ Itin Bique Calvo,The quality is good. For that price of Php795 for a camera bag, its worth it. And it's actually surprising that the leather is of good quality too. 🙂

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    @ Vance Madrid,They have a lot of colors available. There's pink and yellow too.Yup, Im really so happy. Got a lot of cute stuff. =)

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    @ Green Dei / Daryll,Hmmm… yup, I agree Hodge Podge accessories are really ideal for giveaways. Hmm… better to check their page before Christmas, might find something there.

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    Cute stuffs and accessories– a perfect gift for bloggers and travelers! 🙂

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    @ Ephraim ArriesgadoPerfect idea for giveaways 🙂

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