10 responses to “A Traveler's Christmas Wishlist”

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    wish ko rin yung Nalgene… sana may mag regalo, ang mahal kc eh… hehehe!

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    @ Pinoy Adventurista,Tama, wish lang sya… mga tipong hindi mo bibilin for yourself. Mahal eh :p

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    I have my own wish list too. I consistently write all the things I want for christmas in my journal…Happy Holidays Chasing Philippines!

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    A nice camera would do… sana mabasa to ni Santa. Merry Christmas!!!

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    Write down everything that you want. That means every single thing you would want. Even if you only want it a little, write it down.

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    Headware din at Quick dry towel. Isama na rin ang bagong SLR! 🙂

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    @ joan | the backpack chronicles,hehe, nakakita ako, mas murang tatak ng Quick Dry na Towel, Aquazorb yung tatak. Pwede na rin yun! :)And, oo, I also need a new camera!!!! 😀

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    @ Titus,Hihih… Right, sana nga mabasa to ni Santa. 🙂

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    @ Sesame Street,Thanks! Happy Holidays too! 😀

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    i'm sure 70% of your wishlist will come true since you've been good this year :)keep it up Chasing Philippines 😀

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