20 responses to “Malabon Fluvial Parade: An Unplanned Visit”

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    The shirt is so cool. 'Do Not Enter, Travel Blogger on Board' I would also want to see the fluvial parade one of these days.

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    looks fun huh. i haven't seen and experienced any fluvial parade all my life. perhaps i need to have one 🙂

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    I remembered a Pagoda incident in the past but this one does look safe.

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    Despite of the heavy rain you were able to witness the solemnity of the parade. Nice one. 🙂

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    @ Franc Ramon,Yes, I can remember the Pagoda incident that you're talking about. But here in Malabon, I was so amazed too on how the organizers maintain the peace and discipline among the devotees.

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    @ nik rielo,This was my 1st and only PAGODA experience too. Thanks to Marky again for sharing it 🙂

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    @ Franc Ramon,Heeh thanks… really love that shirt too.. especially made for bloggers 🙂

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    I hate to say this, I have never been to Malabon yet. Tell me how's it like to ride the Pagoda?

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    It's good that the organizers was able to control the devotees and you had a safe time riding the pagoda.

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    I'm really missing out on alot of fun with culture and religion as I never had this experience.

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    hey can you set a giveaway post for 12 people with the same shirt design? 🙂 Esp. those who made comment. hehehe

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    We live near Malabon and Navotas, but I have never heard of this festival celebration or of a Pagoda procession before. Very interesting. Hope I could also witness it one day. How old is this tradition every Dec. 8? How was the traffic condition? Can cars enter and park?

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    @ BACKPACKING IN THE PHILIPPINES,this was my first and only…of course a lot of thoughts bothered me before boarding the PAGODA, quite a little nervous of the Pagoda accident before. But the feeling, oh! I really cant explain it, especially when it's already around 7 or 8 pm. When you're in the middle of the river, super dark, and the only light you see was the the candle from the image of the Patroness.

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    @ Franc Ramon,Yup, I have to commend the Rufina Family, the organizers of the fluvial parade for decades now; the procession, the fluvial parade, they were really organized. They have these stubs to control the number of people who will be boarding the PAGODA.

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    @ Green Dei / Daryll,heeh… good suggestion! :)but i dont have budget yet… maybe next time, or on my blog's 3rd Year Anniversary. =)

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    @ Fred,Actually even my parents and friends were surprised that I attended a fluvial parade in Malabon. The traffic is not that heavy, just make sure that you'll go there maybe 3-4 hours before the procession itself.

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    Amazing a Fluvial Parade. I was not sure of the meaning of fluvial but after googling it I learned that it pertains to a river or stream. Hence, a fluvial parade in Malabon. I think I will be adding this parade to one of the activities we need to participate as a family.

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    This was my first time to witness a fluvial parade too. I'm glad you came that day, kasi shy ako pumunta dun ng mg isa, turns out the Lucas family led by Sir Monchet was very accommodating at binusog pa tayo hehe.Thanks also to Dazzle for lending me her camera.

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    for years i've been invited here but wasn't able to come. unplanned trips really rock! :Ptutubi

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    Hi Tutubi,You should try it some time. It's a different experience. Yes, I agree, unplanned trips really rock! Thanks to Marky! 🙂

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