10 responses to “People on the Road: The Ifugao Girl in that Small Sari-Sari Store”

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    We need to go back to the basics to survive…when is the real start? Today.

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    This made me smile too :)Iba talaga dating sa akin ng Cordillera.

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    I remember a place in Batanes na nakasabit ang mga CP sa bintana, I think its in Sabtang…. nakakatuwang tingnan but you are right…. they do it not to show na they have a CP…. they are just waiting for an SMS from their loved ones:)

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    How fascinating is that. It shows how Filipinos are so relentless that even in conditions that seem impossible to get by we still manage to survive.

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    @ darwin | Tracking Treasure,Im glad it gave the same effect on you. My heart was really smiling when I was watching that girl. And I agree, iba talaga ang dating ng Cordillera. =)

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    @ Melo of Outoftownblog.com,Their life is so simple. It's very inspiring how come not all people can afford it, right?

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    @ special education philippines,I think it would always be on how one would look on things.

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    this is funny. I should do this on our cellphones here in Paranaque because of the poor signal! – Enyang

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    i have the same experience in the province with this one. funny but there are really specific areas where a signal is available. none the less, people are becoming creative because of this one.

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    “a place where phones are not status symbol” this just gets me. Back when I was a mere teen up to when I was a college student, I was perplexed as to why a person is able to cash out huge chunks of dough for a phone alone. Only for me to do the same when I started working. The phone serves its purpose but still, there's this nagging feeling that I caved in to something I shouldn't..

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