10 responses to “18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival: Schedule, Activities, Ticket Prices”

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    This looks interesting lalo na at hindi tayo nakakita ng hot air ballons dito sa Pilipinas…. just wanna ask, is the price pag sakay ng hot air balloon $250 or 250 Pesos… and iba pa ba sya sa 250 pesos na ticket? thanks

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    Are you going this year?Last year I was sort of lucky to be able to get into place but I missed the best part, those flying balloons up in the air, yes it was inflated but unfortunately sa lakas ng hangin hindi na nakalipad ng maayos ang mga balloons. Hopefully, this year, I can make it na.

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    HI Titus!It's $250 per person if you opt to ride the balloon.The Php250 is just for the entrance fee (way back in 2010, it was just Php150) but I can say that they prepared a lot more of activities this year

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    Mitch, not yet sure if I can make it this year. Medyo busy sa work and pagsusulat. Naks!Same here, last time my family and I went there and hindi namin naabutan yung best part – yung preparation and yung paglipad nung mga balloons. Nang makarating kami, nandun na lahat sa sky

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    Hi, would Sunday be overcrowded based on past observations? Would be bringing my small kids along.mthanks

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    Hi weekends are more crowded than of Thursday and Friday

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    Interesting Festival, I wont miss this event. I love to see the best of Philippine International Hot Air Balloon.

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    How much would be the price if i wanna ride the balloon? 🙂

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    It's $350 per person for 20 to 45 mins ride.

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