7 responses to “Tips When Backpacking in the Philippines”

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    Helpful travel tips! I didn't see a blog about Taal, Batangas… May I recommend adding the Heritage Town of Taal, Batangas to your 2013 bucket list? It's right next to Tagaytay! Find out why: taal.ph

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    Hi Dan,I passed through Taal just last weekend and found it so interesting. I've seen a lot of old houses… I think that's the Heritage Town that you're talking about. Don't worry, I'm planning to pay another visit

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    Worth tips for me, those are the essential tips when preparing to leave.

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    I have always had an interest to hike Mt Mayon. I don't suppose you have been there yet? Better put it on your bucket list…I have.

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    @ RandyL,I've been badly wanting to go Mt. Mayon recently. There's a lot of sidetrips too, right?

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    Useful travel tips.Thanks for sharing with us.

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