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Talumpok Falls, An Undiscovered Sidetrip

Talumpok Falls also known as Amatong Falls is located at Talumpok, Sico, Batangas.
Our group was so fortunate to witness and experience this untouched beauty only known to the locals of Lobo Batangas. Thanks to our friend, Alona, who is a certified Batanguena! 🙂

As our sidetrip for our Mount Banoy Climb, everyone was so excited to see the falls and freshen up. On our way to the falls, our guide needed to cut some bamboos just to create a trail for us. (That was also the exact time that I whispered to myself, “Hmmm… this one’s really an unspoiled destination. Not a lot of people have been here yet… obviously.”)

I have not heard alot about this place, I’ll just share the pictures instead.

If you know anything about Talumpok Falls/Amatong Falls, hope you can share it here.
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