Where to Buy Your Travel Essentials
Where to Buy Your Travel Essentials

Where to Buy Your Travel Essentials

As a blogger and a self-confessed internet-addict, I spend 70% of my time browsing the web. I do not have time to go to malls just to check what’s in and what’s hot. The traffic, big crowd, and long queues?! Spell HASSLE!

Good thing, I bumped to this website wherein I can do window shopping endlessly without the resounding, “Bili kayo! Bili kayo! Anong hanap nyo?” from the sales representatives. (Admit it, it’s annoying right?)

Let me share you my Travel Essentials picks from Lazada:

1. Coleman Sleeping Bags
– perfect for campers
– light and easy to pack
– made of polyester material and polyester filing

– ideal for all type of outdoor activities
– more versatile than a blanket
– made of Polypropylene tube
42 x 7 x 31 cm

– handy
– absorbent, quick dry, hypoallergenic
– made from microfabric
– 3-dial combination lock
– lightweight
– Travel Sentry Certified
– ideal for hikers and campers
– includes 7 functions: hatchet edge, spade, saw edge, hammer, bottle opener, wrench, compass
– made of metal
Lazada Philippines is the fastest-growing and biggest Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines. Lazada provides free shipping, 7 Day Return Policy, and Cash-on-Delivery service. For more information, visit http://www.lazada.com.ph/.


  1. I know it's a man trait, but even I hate going to the malls! Yes, I'd much rather shop online. It's much more convenient. This post is so timely, as I'm going on a camping trip in two weeks. I just might buy my sleeping bag from Lazada. thanks 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    @ Pepper Tan,It's too hassle to go to malls nowadays because of traffic. Plus, it's fun to shop online, you get to see unique stuff in the comforts of your home.Good luck and have a fun and safe trip!

  3. I like shopping online too, but personally, nothing beats seeing the actual products especially for clothing 🙂 I've experienced countless instances where clothes and shoes I bought online don't fit right >.<

  4. I'm currently hooked to online shopping especially with ebay. So much fabulous but affordable stuff.Great suggestions, we'll need the eagle lock for our trip to Singapore this October. Gotta get it soon! ヅ

  5. Never tried buying from Lazada but I always see their ads. The disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot check out the item before parting with the money. The pictures may not always look like the actual thing.

  6. Anonymous

    @ Green Dei / Daryll,Yup you're right, seems like they really value consumers' protection. What I really love too is the Cash on Delivery service. It's cool that they're going to deliver something right at your doorsteps even you havent paid them yet.

  7. Anonymous

    @ wReY sWiFt,Want to have the Eagle Creek lock too but I think it's quite expensive for a padlock. Will just have to keep it on my wishlist for the meantime.

  8. Anonymous

    You can buy at ShopthisEasy, I don't know if they sell these kind of items, but sells items for the house. If ever you want to buy fashionable items, you may choose this store, they sell bags, dresses, shoes, etc.

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