Where to Eat in Baguio: Famous Restaurants in Baguio City
Where to Eat in Baguio: Famous Restaurants in Baguio City

Where to Eat in Baguio: Famous Restaurants in Baguio City

This is an updated list of famous restaurants in Baguio City. It will include the restaurant’s location, price, reviews, best sellers, etc. If you know some other restos in Baguio, please comment below or send me an email to chasingphilippines@gmail.com.

Solibao Restaurant has been serving fine Filipino Food since 1972.
Location: 6 Branches – Session Road, Burnham Park (South Football Grounds & North Football Grounds), Heritage Mansion, and BGHMC Waiting Shed Foodcourt
Contact Info: solibaorestaurants@gmail.com, (074) 4423867
Must-Try: Pinakbet, Kare-Kare Bagnet, Solibao Ihaw-Ihaw sa Bilao, Binagoongang Lechon Kawali, Crispy Dinuguan, Sinigang Bangus Belly w/ Miso, Sizzling Bangus Sisig
Price Range: Php220 – Php280.00

Forest House Bistro & Cafe
Forest House serves international and local cuisine. Its concept is to capture the very essence of Baguio City.
Location: 16 Loakan Road, Baguio City 
Contact Info: inquiry@foresthousebaguio.com, (074) 4470459, (074) 3044553
Must-Try: Forest House Bouillabaisse, Lengua Con Setas, Forest House Lamb, Baby Back Ribs, Baked Pork Spareribs, Prawn Thermidore 
Price Range: Php295 – Php525.00 
Best Time to Eat: Dinner

Cafe by the Ruins
Cafe by the Ruins offers classic Filipino Food. It also houses a combination of a refreshing garden-slash-a historical hub-slash-arts and photography-den.
Location: 23 Chuntug St., Baguio City
Contact Info: cafebytheruins@gmail.com, (074) 4424010 
Must-Try: Champorado, Suman at Tsokolate, Los Illustrados, Pinikpikan, Baguio Bagnet, Rizal’s Tsokolate-e
Price Range: Php180 – Php230.00
Best Time to Eat: Breakfast

Jack’s Baguio Restaurant
Location: 102 Manahan Bldg., Session Road
Contact Info: (074) 4449888
Must-Try: Jack’s Rice, Liempo Rice, Chopsuey Rice
Price Range: Php75 – P110.00

Pizza Volante
Pizza Volante is a small 24-hour pizza parlor. It has a fine selection of Pizza and Pasta.

Location: 82 Session Road, Baguio City
Contact Info: (074) 4450777, (074) 6190466 
Must-Try: Salad, Bockwurst Sausage Pizza, Shrimp Pizza, Shrimp Pasta Alfredo
Price Range: Php99 – Php180.00
Best Time to Eat: Dinner
Kubong Sawali

Location: 165 Military Cut-Off, Baguio
Contact Info: (074) 3041578 
Must-Try: Nilasing na Hipon, Binusog na Pusit, Chicharong Bulaklak, Kilawing Kusay
Price Range: Php80 – Php300.00
Best Time to Eat: Lunch or Dinner

50’s Diner
Location: 92 Upper General Luna Road, Corner Brent Road, Baguio City

Contact Info: 09166595555
Must-Try: Milkshakes, Clubhouse Sandwich, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Gangsta Gangsta
Price Range: Php65 – Php230.00
Best Time to Eat: Brunch

Good Taste
Location: 8 Lapu-Lapu Street, Baguio City (at the back of Center Mall)
Contact Info: (074) 4437959
Must-Try: Buttered Chicken, Chopsuey, Pancit, Beef Broccoli, Good Taste Fried Rice
Price Range: Php99 – Php155.00
Best Time to Eat: Brunch, Lunch


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