11 responses to “Where to Eat in Baguio: Famous Restaurants in Baguio City”

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    Thinking of going to Baguio this weekend… depende pa hehe but i'll keep these restos in mind 😀

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    nakakagutom nemen…. ilang beses na akong napunta sa baguio pero never ko pa natry ang cafe by the ruins…. to think na halos tourist attraction na nga yun… hay… ma try nga next time!

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    toinks wala pa ako nattry dito! I was hoping to feel nostalgic sa post pero now, nachallenge pa ako! hanubayan! gusto ko ata dun sa ruins! thanks sa post!

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    Forest House is definitely a nice place to eat. I love the pastries at Cafe by the Ruins.

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    Hmm I think I would like to visit one of these restaurants when I go to Baguio again. Thanks for sharing!

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    Oh I miss Baguio! And I really want to go back to The Ruins. I hope we could go this summer break. 🙂

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    @ ian,must try talaga yung cafe by the ruins. sarap ng food! 🙂

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    @ Franc Ramon,Try their super big pandesal too. =)

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    Just finished a meal of Baguio Longganisa & Bagnet served with mountain rice @ Baguio Deli in Camp John Hay. Both are really yummy. 🙂

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    They can also try O 'Mai Khan, a Mongolian restaurant with a Mongolian buffet and hotpot located at Upper Session Road, near Victory Liner terminal.

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    i just made this.. and its delish:) waiting for hubby to try it.Absolutely an amazing dish! I made it tonight and it got rave reviews

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