Burot Beach: A Secret Beach in Calatagan
Burot Beach: A Secret Beach in Calatagan

Burot Beach: A Secret Beach in Calatagan

How To Get to Burot Beach?
how to get to burot beach
How to go to Burot Beach!!!

… That’s what I have been typing on in Google for the past 3 weeks; yes, forgive me but I am, well, I WAS in a severe state of finding a good beach. Why? Because it seemed that eversince my family saw Calaguas Island way back in 2010, their standards of a “good beach” really changed… hmmm, I cannot blame them.

So, in my manic pursuit of finding a good beach for my family (an alternative for a 9-hour-drive Calaguas getaway), I learned about Burot Beach.

A Cheap Family Weekend Getaway

How to Get There:

by Public Transportation (a.k.a. Commute)

You can either take a bus or a van to Calatagan.
By Van – There are vans available going to Calatagan near the Bus Station and MRT Taft Station. Fare is Php180.00/pax. Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours. At Calatagan Market, hire a tricycle for Php150.00 or Php60.00 per person. Again, use your haggling skills, you can avail the tricycle fare for Php120.00.

By Bus – Bus Terminal is located along EDSA near MRT Taft Station (at the back of McDonald’s and Sogo Hotel). Fare is Php180.00. Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Calatagan-bound buses are available daily, first trip is 4:00 AM. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Calatagan Market. At Calatagan Market, hire a tricycle for Php150.00 or Php60.00 per person.

Note: Tricycle ride will be around 20 minutes only.

by Private Vehicle

1. From Manila, take Coastal Road or SLEX (South Luzon Express Way). Drive all the way to Nasugbu, Batangas until you reach a junction or rotonda. At the junction, take the right turn going to Lian; a Caltex Gasoline Station will serve as your landmark.
2. Drive straight ahead. After passing the CADP (Central Azucarera Don Pedro) Sugar Refinery, take a left at the intersection (Landmarks: Shell and I-Gas Gasoline Stations).
3. Drive straight ahead. Once you see Sto. Domingo Church, turn right.
4. You’ll pass through a small public market (Talipapa), then a cemetery. From there, you’ll see signs going to Burot Beach. 🙂

Note: I will not give any more directions from here, because getting lost and asking locals where Burot Beach is, are definitely part of the fun. Try it!

Burot Beach, at last!

Burot Beach was previously called as the Elizalde Beach (owned by the Elizaldes, an affluent family in the Philippines), but was recently bought by SM. Now, Burot Beach is a private property of SM Group of Companies; good news, it is still open for the public until further notice. So, if you’re planning to visit Burot, make it soon!
Whoo! This is Life! 

Burot Beach is an undeveloped beachthere are no hotels, resorts, or whatsoever commercialized accommodations.
The hidden gem of Calatagan
If you want to stay a little longer or spend a night at Burot, make sure to bring your own tents.
Teaching the younger generation how to build their own tents =)
There are also no restaurants nor convenience stores in Burot. Make sure to bring your own drinking water, food, etc. Bring your own portable stoves, cooking sets, and grill. If you need to make a fire, there’s a lot of dried twigs and leaves that you can use to start one.
Preparing for lunch

Burot Beach is pretty relaxing because of the fact that it is unknown to many (I hope my friends in Facebook would now understand why I had hesitations on sharing where this place is). The whole place is undeveloped, unspoilt, and peaceful. There are no vendors who will keep on bugging you to buy souvenir shirts, keychains, or pearls. There are no bars, no stores, no colored flags; everything is just so raw!

The color of the sand in Burot is not really white compared to Boracay nor Calaguas. However, the color varies from white, to dirty white, or to somewhat gold all throughout the day. With its clear water, Burot is a home for a lot of sea creatures such as starfish, sea urchins, and sea snakes.
Just found a big starfish at the shore 🙂

I recommend that you explore the island. There are a lot to see at each sides of the beach. At the far right end of the beach are big rocks where hundreds of sea urchins can be found. We also found 6 sea snakes there. =)
Not sure what tree this is but I can say that it’s a beautiful accent of Burot.
My little brother at the rocky part of Burot Beach
On the other hand, the right side of the beach is the best spot where you can watch the sunset. Swear!
My cousin while waiting for the sunset

While waiting for the sunset, the battery of our digital camera went dead and I felt a little frustrated. My little brother sat beside me, watched the sunset in all awe, and reminded me to just enjoy it. So we just sat there silently for an hour or so, watching how the sun changes the color of the sky. The sun shared its dramatic shade of blue, violet, orange, pink, and red. These 5 shades of the sun gave a dramatic reflection on the water too. When the sunset was about to finally bid goodbye, a ship pass through with its shadow giving another amazing effect to the sunset. It was indeed the best sunset I saw, and what makes it the best is that I watched it with my whole family beside me.
The last sunset shot I took before the battery went dead…
 The Sunset in Burot is definitely worth the wait!
Disclaimer: My sunset shots are understatement of how beautiful the sunset is in Burot Beach. It’s one of the best and most dramatic sunset I have ever seen.

* There is no electricity in Burot. Do not forget to bring flashlights, headlamps, torches (sulo).
* Make sure to bring insect repellant.
* There are no restaurants or convenience stores in Burot. Buy meat and other things you need at a small market or Talipapa that you’ll pass through. Actually, after the Talipapa, before going straight ahead to the cemetery, you may turn right to reach the Public Market of Calatagan.
* Tents are available for rent for Php300.00 (regardless if you will stay for one whole day or overnight)
* There are comfort rooms here. However, for those sensitive, ahmm.. you do not have any choice. The CRs are not that clean but have ample supply of running water. That’s it! :p
* Be careful when exploring the rocky side of the beach. The rocks are too sharp. There are a lot of sea urchins too, so be alert!
* Bonfires are allowed. You may bring your own stack of wood or collect some dried twigs, wood, or paper. Or you also have an option to buy a stack of wood in Burot for Php200.00. Just ask the guards or caretaker.
* Rental fee for tables – Php200.00
* You have the option to go for an island hopping to White Island for Php30.00/pax.
* If going here via public transportation, make sure to get the contact number of the tricycle driver so they can fetch you the next day.
* Lastly, do not go here during weekends. I bet you know why. =)

Burot Beach Rates/Fees:
Day Tour: Php65.00
Overnight Stay: Php130.00

Burot Beach Contact: Mang Ramon – 09156028907

Do you think Burot Beach is a good chase? =)
Who says one needs to grab cheap airline tickets to experience paradise?

 Update as of June 2016: Burot Beach is no longer open for public.


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