15 responses to “Sound Trip: Travel Songs for Your Roadtrips”

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    Thanks for this list, Mich! May bago na akong travel playlist. 🙂

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    I love the list, will download them on my iPad hehe wish me luck:)

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    This songs really would make a trip more upbeat and less of a drag.

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    I haven't listened to most of the songs there in your playlist.. I should definitely check that out. My playlist while traveling will be a mix of R&B and 50's Classics. LOL. Sometimes though, I like listening to other people's playlist just to widen my horizon. I always check out the playlists in the android app I download 8tracks.. most of the chill tracks there are also perfect for Soundtrips on the road. 🙂

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    this is a really great list for travel music. can't wait to listen it in my road to summer vacation 🙂

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    @ Natz, hehe enjoy! pa-share din if anong travel song yung wala ako dito. Salamat!

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    @ Kai Sensei,aww. you're lucky. am using a blackberry. not sure if that app is available for BB users too.

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    I always associate the Shins “New Slang” to traveling. Maybe not so much bec. of the lyrics but the mood of the song. Also check out the music video of 1 Giant Leap's “Braided Hair” (the lyrics matches well with its travel themed video perfectly).

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    Interesting list. 🙂

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    @ Marky,Thanks for sharin Marky! I'll check on those songs and see if I can download them 🙂

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    Your list of songs for any trips are really nice. I think having a theme song for your trips is a good a idea. 🙂

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    stumbled upon your playlist while searching… i can see you're a fan of jack johnson… and yeah i remembered i should have downloaded some of those songs into my playlist too… and lastly this post just gave me another idea to post on my travel blog (i'm just starting) thanks for sharing…

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    Let's create a Spotify version for this 🙂

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    Wow, this is an amazing list. Just made an amazing list to add to the ones I previously had. Lemme also share my travel playlist on Spotify. Thanks again. http://open.spotify.com/user/12138856674/playlist/55n0YI3sreALX2XREjy5UV

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