Hiking Gears and Other Must-Haves
Hiking Gears and Other Must-Haves

Hiking Gears and Other Must-Haves

Hiking is a fun way to explore a new place, connect with nature and somewhat like 20x greater than your cardiovascular exercise inside the Gym. I am getting more active in hiking than discovering new beaches, nowadays so let me share you some tips. I bet all of you will agree that Hiking for the first time is no easy task so here are just some of the items that cannot be overlooked!

Tent – A durable tent with appropriate sleeping accommodations for one, two or more individuals is essential to protect you from the elements. After working hard all day, you will want to stay warm, dry, and protected from insects and animals.

Sleeping Bag – A sleeping bag functions as a bed, a blanket, and a protective bag at the same time. Its primary purpose is to provide warmth and thermal insulation. I’ve known the difference of sleeping in a tent without a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag, well, having one is a BIG comfort.
Trekking Shoes – A good pair of trekking shoes are probably the most important part of the gear list. The type of footwear you should wear depends greatly on the type of terrain you plan to hike most.
Headlamp – Headlamps provide the best assistance to hikers or campers in the darkness. They are very important since most of the times hikers prefer to go to the summit before dawn.

Hydration – Drinking water is the single best thing that you can do to maintain top form in the outdoors. Even slight to moderate dehydration will result in decreased physical performance, headaches, irritability, decreased mental capacity and reduced heat regulation. Drink early and often. Drink like your life depends on it, because it does.

First Aid Kit – Always be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best trip imaginable. A basic first aid kit has often been the difference between survival and catastrophe for many backpackers and adventure hikers. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can get by with nothing, when your hiking and away from civilization, even the smallest scratch can quickly become infected and turn something that is harmless and mildly annoying at home into a serious problem. Aside from scratches and cuts, bug bites, bee stings, snake bites-you name it-could all potentially be unwelcome participants in your grand adventure. Be prepared!

Poncho – This can help to reduce heat loss in situations where hypothermia is possible. Alternatives like big plastic bags or trash bags may do, but a well ventilated and proper fitting rain suit can save your life and make your life in the mountains more comfortable.

Backpack – A backpack should be made of lightweight, water-resistant fabric and have all the features you need for your type of hiking. Outside mesh pockets for handy access to water bottles and trail guides are features appreciated by many hikers. Easy access pockets are a plus too. 🙂
Other Must-Haves!!!
Trek Poles – Trek Poles or Hiking Poles make climbs easier and more enjoyable. They offer added security on wet, slippery trails and more stability when crossing streams. They are especially helpful, and take a lot of the strain off the knees and thighs, when you are descending steep slopes or when you hit sharp downturns in the trail.
Collapsible Water Container – This provides a convenient way to transport and use water wherever you need it especially in mountains where water source is not that accessible.
Whistle – A good survival whistle is essential to carry when hiking.  The sound a whistle makes travels much further then your voice ever could in an emergency situation. This can also be used to communicate with others in your group, say some one is too far ahead, or falling behind.

That’s it! I know the initial cost can be quite high but once you already have the essentials, all you have to do is grab you bag and climb. The secret here is not to buy them all at once; invest on the most important which for me, is the hiking shoes. You may share or borrow the others such as bags and tents. Just make sure that if it’s time for you to buy these hiking gears, consider the QUALITY instead of saving a little bucks.


  1. Excellent list. In fact, I used all of them, except for the headlamp (I refrained from hiking at night unless extremely necessary), hydration pack (I used the old army water tin can) and I carry a small bottle of Tanduay (lapad) as my first aid kit.

  2. All equipment are necessary for all hiker. I have these all Hiking items in my travel kit. I am travel lover and i collect these Hiking items for my own two week ago. I am planning to go Naipaul to visit and hiking on world highest mountain The Mount Everest. Wish me luck !!

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