Chasing Philippines is a Travel and Photography Blog of Mich Borlagdan. This site aims to fill in your hunger for an exotic dose of “Pilipinas”.

I will chase the Road, the People & Places that comes to your pathway of destination. Destinations, that have been discovered & captured; or places hidden w/in the locals.

It includes Essential Guided Infos on your way to certain Destination as backpackers.

The Blogger

Following my bliss somehow led me creating this blog. Armed with my passion of  befriending HTML/XTML codes and web designing; I usually spend the nights (if not in the nocturnal center I am working), you can find me in front of the PC – yes, I am really a self-confessed computer-addict.
I am a graduate of Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management. After earning my diploma, as soon as I returned my Toga, I’d been keeping this WANDERful dreams to myself.
We’re just going to live once. And now, all I want is to smile and create happiness; Embrace the simplicity of life, and squeeze every drop of fun and adventure I could find in it. I’m going to try my best sharing the places I’ve been fortunate enough to step my feet upon. Hope you could join me!     
And oh! I almost forgot, just call me… Mich! 🙂
For any inquiries, travel, photo, or writing assignments, please contact me:

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