The Art of Travel in Instagram
The Art of Travel in Instagram

The Art of Travel in Instagram

After Facebook and Twitter, here goes Instagram; yeah, it seems like the development of social-media is unstoppable. Just like before, I promised myself and my friends that I would never join IG. Yes, that time, I kept on telling my friends who kept on bugging me to create one that I don’t really see any sense in taking shots of food and selfies. I did not know why a hashtag is a must too.
But after 48 years… Tsenenen! Chasing Philippines is now on Instagram.

Just a little flashback: My friends made me a create my 1st-ever instagram account when I got drunk in one of our trips in Baguio. The next thing I know, I have an instagram account already and worst, I cannot remember the password. :p

Now, I can say that I am really enjoying this Instagram thing, quite late, but I discovered how Instagram can be a cool outlet for everyone to be artistic and to inspire others.
Here are some of my instagram photos:

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