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Bolinao Itinerary: Your Do-It-Yourself Guide to Chasing Bolinao, Pangasinan

Bolinao is not as popular as Hundred Islands but I must say that Bolinao really won my heart. And, yes, Bolinao deserves to be listed on my “Sarap Balik-Balikan Places”. Want to know why is it one of my favorite Philippine destinations? Hmm.. just read on. 🙂

Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Bolinao:
Well, there’s nothing much really… and, that is one of the reasons why going to Bolinao is highly recommended since it is not too complicated to organize. You may go there alone or by a small group without costing you extra bucks. Plus, you do not have to rent a boat unlike when going to Calaguas or to any other good beaches in our country. Therefore, no need for you to maximize the capacity of the boat to make it a cheap travel.

How to Get There:
For a month and a half, I had been typing ‘how to go to Bolinao’ in Google. Good thing, there are some friendly bloggers who generously share their how to’s. (Shoutout to Ada of and Robx of Big thanks to you guys!)

via Public Transpo/aka Commute:
Manila to Bolinao would be approximately 6 to 6.5 hours travel time. For direct trips to Bolinao, you may take Victory Liner (available in Cubao station only) or Five Star Bus (available in Pasay terminal only).

Bolinao Bus Schedule and Rates:
Five Star Bus

Victory Liner

Upon arrival at Bolinao Terminal, hire a tricycle to bring you to the resort of your choice. Standard rate from Bolinao town proper to Patar is Php250 which is good for 4 pax.

Where to Stay in Bolinao:
There are hundreds of resorts in Bolinao. From high end resorts, transients, inns, open cottages, name it! Of course, my friends and I stayed in the not so luxurious choice – in cottages for only Php200/pax per night.

Aside from the reason that we’re out of budget, staying in cottages along Patar Beach is the perfect choice. Yes, if you’re a beach lover and if your idea of a relaxing getaway is a staycation near the beach (imagine morning sea breeze and the sound of the waves), then absolutely Patar cottages would be perfect! Staying in one of the cottages along the beachfront of Patar would also mean an all-day access to Patar’s long stretch of white sand since some resorts will require one to ride a tricycle for about 15-20 minutes just to enjoy the beach.

Downside: The beachfront cottages along Patar do no have electricity from 8 AM to 6PM. Do not expect that there’s hot and cold shower too.

Where to Eat in Bolinao:
You might want to try the Adora’s at the back of St. James Church. Nothing really fancy here; it even looks like a small canteen but food is cheap and definitely affordable. Their CR is clean too which is ideal after a 6-hour long bus ride. On the other hand, while touring Bolinao, a stop-over at Sungayan Grill for lunch is a MUST. Sungayan Grill is a floating restaurant along Balingasay River. Food is definitely delicious, I give it 5 out of 5 stars. The ambiance is really good and refreshing, CR is clean, and oh, they have a free high-speed WIFI connection. 🙂

Must-See Places in Bolinao:

* St. James Church

* Patar Beach

* Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

* The 3 Waterfalls of Bolinao – Tara Falls, Bolinao Falls 1, Bolinao Falls 2

* Enchanted Cave

* Rock Formation

In exploring Bolinao, a tour package or a travel agency is not necessary. It’s very easy to do it the D.I.Y. way. You just have to hire a tricycle to bring you to must-visit places in Bolinao and that’s it. In our case, we just hired the same tricycle driver who brought us to our resort. Originally, we were quoted Php1200/2 pax which will cost us Php2400 since we were four. But again, there’s nothing wrong to try the power of negotiation. 🙂 Guess what, the driver gave it Php1500 only good for 4. Amazing!

Bolinao Itinerary
Day 1

07:00 AM     Assembly at Victory Liner Cubao
07:30 AM     ETD Manila to Bolinao
01:50 PM     ETA Bolinao Terminal
01:55 PM     Hire a Tricycle to Bring You to Resort 02:00 PM     Drop by Adora’s for Lunch
02:30 PM     Visit St. James Church (3 min walk from Adora’s)
03:00 PM     ETD St. James Church to Patar Resort
03:45 PM     Check in at Benjie’s Kubo and Cottages
04:00 PM     Enjoy and Explore Patar Beach until Sunset
07:00 PM     Dinner at Benjie’s Bicol Express Restaurant
08:00 PM     Sleep. Snore. Dream.

Day 2
05:30 AM     Wake-Up and Explore the Stretch of Patar Beach
06:30 AM     Breakfast at Benjie’s Bicol Express Restaurant
07:30 AM     ETD Patar. Start Chasing the Other Parts of Bolinao
07:45 AM     ETA Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
08:30 AM     ETD Cape Bolinao Lighthouse to Start Exploring the Falls of Bolinao.
09:45 AM     ETA Bolinao Falls 1
10:15 AM     ETD Bolinao Falls 1
10:40 AM     ETA Bolinao Falls 2
10:45 AM     Secure a Cottage and Rent Floaters at Bolinao Falls 2
10:50 AM     Swim. Jump. Dive at Bolinao Falls 2
12:45 PM     ETD Bolinao Falls
01:30 PM     Lunch at Sugbayan Grill
02:30 PM     ETD Sugbayan Grill to Enchanted Cave
03:00 PM     ETA Enchanted Cave
03:10 PM     Swim Inside Enchanted Cave
04:30 PM     ETD Enchanted Cave
04:50 PM     ETA Rock Formation at Patar
06:15 PM     ETD Rock Formation
06:30 PM     Back to Benjie’s Cottages
07:30 PM     Dinner at Benjie’s Bicol Express Restaurant
08:30 PM     Sleep. Snore. Dream.

Budget for Bolinao Trip (3 Days-2 Nights)

Bus Fare Manila to Bolinao Ph459
Tricyle Fee from Bolinao to Patar (Php250/4pax) Php62.50
Accomodation at Benjie’s Cottages (Php200/pax x 2 nights) Php400
Tricyle Fee for Bolinao Tour (Php1500/4pax) Php375
Bolinao Falls 2 Entrance Fee Php30
Enchanted Cave Entrance Fee Php120
Rock Formation Entrance Fee Php50
Tricycle Fee from Patar to Bolinao Terminal Php62.50
Bus Fare Bolinao to Pasay Php469
Total Budget Php2028

Food Expenses are not yet included.
– If you do not know how to swim or is not that confident to swim in Bolinao Falls which is 20ft deep, you may rent a floater for Php40.00
– Entrance Fee in Enchanted Cave is Php120.00. There would be a Php30.00 Refund if you’re not going to swim inside the cave. Effective March 1, new rate will be Php150.00.
– Benjie’s Kubo and Cottages – 09108366257, 09213393975
– There’s no signal in Patar for Smart, Sun, and Globe.
– Strong network signal at Cape Bolinao Lighthouse and Patar Rock Formation
– Do not forget to bring insect repellants
– Chase Bolinao during weekdays 🙂

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