Baler: Itinerary, Budget, & Where to Stay
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Baler Itinerary, please?Where to Stay in Baler?How much was your budget for Baler? These are the questions that flooded my FB after posting a bunch of Baler photos over the weekend. Some even took time to send me SMS. 🙂 … Read More

Last Days of Summer: When Travel Becomes an Art of Letting Go
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As the plane started to take off I can see the excitement of the passengers aboard. Reminders, laughters here and there Music playlists everywhere I’m wondering Why can’t I seem to hear anything at all? Sitting by the window, I … Read More

Sierra Madre Resort: A Quick Weekend Getaway
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Longing for a weekend getaway? Craving for a fresh atmosphere? Take a quick ride to Tanay Rizal and look for Sierra Madre Resort. Sierra Madre Resort’s 10-feet deep pool Sierra Madre Resort is located at Km 58 Marcos Hi-Way Mayagay … Read More

Philippines in Focus: Sunset at Patar Rock Formation
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It’s been a long time since I updated the ‘Philippines in Focus’ side of this blog. It’s just that this time, I would simply like to share my sunset shot at Patar Rock Formation during the golden hour. For me, … Read More