8 responses to “Cinemalaya 2014: Films, Trailers, Posters, Schedule, and Ticket Prices”

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    It's really nice to see films in Cinemalaya as it gives independent players a chance to showcase their skills.

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    These raw and thought-provoking indie films are the only local films I prefer to watch and write about.

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    I would like to watch Kasal and Ina-tay because they seem to cover family-related topics where we can share and learn lessons. My friend has been asking me to go with her.

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    Great selection this year.. I will definitely watch Ina-tay because my cousin is in that film.. lol..

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    This is the first post I've read about Cinemalaya this year. Sooo excited for this 🙂

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    That's why I also like Cinemalaya films. It features very fresh ideas, they really dont care if it would click to movie goers, all they want is to present something else… Something fresh

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    Haha! Supportive cousin 😉

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    If only I could watch all the films… I really love watching these kinds of films haays

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