7 responses to “Of Sun, Surf, and Sisterhood: An Overnight Reunion in Baler”

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    Ganda ng waves sa Baler:) I want to go back. haha!

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    Agree! Ganda talaga ng waves sa Baler. Sarap bumalik nang bumalik to surf 😉

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    I envy you for having that opportunity to visit & explore the beauty and wonders if Baler. How I wish I could also visit soon. I need to save a few bucks first. Good for you, you were able to spend vacation with the company of good friends. There's nothing like traveling with the people you enjoy being with.

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    Baler is so beautiful. I hope I can visit it soon. It does make a great view for a prenup.

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    She should not have worn a Boracay t-shirt in a Baler pre-nup photoshoot! 🙂 Seriously, I really want to visit this place soon.

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    You look like you had fun! Travel really is as good as your companions 🙂

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    This is not really a prenup shoot. See disclaimer.

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