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Ditumabo Falls: Meeting the Mother of All Falls in Baler

Ditumabo Falls a.k.a. the Mother Falls is located in Barangay Ditumabo in San Luis, a neighboring town of Baler.

Ditumabo Falls is about 50 meters high and falls on a 30 meter wide basin 

(the area gets smaller during summer/El Nino)

How to Get There:
From Baler, ride a van/tricycle going to Barangay Ditumabo. From the jump-off point, you need to pay Php30.00 for the Environmental Fee. If you are riding a van/car, you have the option to take a tricycle instead since the road is too bumpy. Charge would be Php300/one way good for 4 persons. Another option is to trek (it’s approximately 45 mins – 1 hr to the falls).

If you’re tired and hungry, do not fret. There are a couple of food stalls along the way – grilled corn, rice cakes, Halo-halo, Buko Juice, distilled water, name it!

Merienda Time!!! 🙂

After crossing the bamboo bridge, a neon green nipa hut, and a bunch of streams, you will see a rustic water pipeline. You can use this pipeline as a guide to the most-awaited Mother Falls as it leads to it.

Magsawa ka sa all kinds of River Crossing!

Look for the small wooden ladder, this leads up to a paved path. This is the sign that you are a couple of minutes away from meeting the Mother.

Sitting on the paved path to Ditumabo Falls. Konti na lang, malapit na!

At the right side of the path, you’ll see this small falls. Hindi ito yun! 

At the end of the cemented path, you’ll see a dam. Don’t get excited too much, it’s not the falls. You have to go around to see the Ditumado Falls.

At lalong hindi pa rin ito yun. This is just the dam.

Reminder: Ditumabo Falls is not something like a hidden paradise or whatsoever you want to call it. It is popular so it really gets crowded especially during weekends. But don’t worry, its natural pool is large enough to accommodate a number of groups. And hmm… sometimes, you just have to wait for your turn; people don’t really dip themselves for too long – the water is freezing cold!

Ditumabo Falls – the natural cold swimming pool in Baler

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