5 responses to “30 Before 30: Things I Want to Try Before Turning 30”

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    What do you do when you reach another age milestone, say 50 years old? Do we list 50 more things you have not done in previous decades? Hehe. My list will be more travel-oriented just like a lot of items of your list. – Fred

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    I don't have a bucket list but I did have a lot of bucket list worthy things like visiting Paris, Angkor Wat, Batanes, Finishing a Marathon, Doing a duathlon, climbing a mountain, etc.

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    I had this before though I have long stopped. Seeing the list not get done as much as I would like to was a bit heartbreaking.

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    Good Luck! I hope you can do all those 30 things before you turn 30.

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    Those are a lot of list – I guess I have to have one soon.

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