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30 Before 30: Things I Want to Try Before Turning 30

Few years ago, I bumped onto this blog that has a “30 Before 30” page. I found it interesting but at the same time, I was really wondering why people do list of things they want to do before turning 30 years old. I did not have any idea by then. I just thought to myself, “Probably, they’re too old…”, “Probably, they’re already thirty…”, “Probably, they’re already 28 or 29.”

That time, I cannot relate. I never saw myself coming up with a list or simply because, I never saw myself getting old, literally. That time, I thought that I really don’t have to think about it yet since I was just 23 by then. Yes, I was too young by then…

Now, I think I should create one to remind myself of what I wanna do, what I wish for, or just… well, whatever. I just really want to do a rundown, anyways. In no particular order, here’s mine:

1. Visit Angkor Wat
2. Take Akiki Trail to Mt. Pulag Summit
3. Climb Mt. Apo
4. Try Bungee Jumping
5. Prepare a Christmas Party for Lolos and Lolas
6. Take a Cooking Class
7. Go to Japan. 🙂
8. Swim with sharks/whales
9. Take a picture with Mickey Mouse
10. Buy my own surfboard
11. Stay in Baler for 1 week to surf, surf, and surf. 🙂
12. Try Cliff Diving.
13. Get a US Visa.
14. Revisit Calaguas Island.
15. Learn how to use chopsticks.
16. Try trail biking.
17. Go biking around UP Diliman.
18. Backpacking Thailand.
19. Take badminton lessons.
20. Watch another Cinemalaya film.
21. Try the zipline in Lake Sebu.
22. Submit an article in one of the travel magazines.
23. Visit Batanes.
24. Visit Palaui Island.
25. Visit San Vicente Palawan.
26. Revisit Cagbalete Island.
27. Visit Isla de Gigantes.
28. Take a jumpshot on Pico de Loro’s monolith.
29. Join a trail run.

How about you? What are the things you wish to do before turning 30? Share yours.

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